November 30, 2010

Xbox Kinect | Hacked

Following the release of the Xbox Kinect, the tech community online has been buzzing with videos, blog posts and forum threads on how to hack into Microsoft's shiny new kit featuring an RGB camera and a depth sensor to track movement. The Kinect measures the positioning of 48 key joints on gamers bodies, tracking them to let gamers control the action in a highly physical way. Sure, its great fun the whole family - but apparently even more enjoyable for geeks hacking into it. Have a look!

Desolat | To the Beat

To The Beat from Desolat MG on Vimeo.

'To the beat' is an audiovisual animation about the making of a record by Roman Tönjes & Lukas Loss.

Tony Hawk’s V8 Skateboard Project

Tony Hawk is coming out to Sydney for the Telstra 500 in December 2010 which is a perfect opportunity to see what happens when you attach a V8 engine to a skateboard? There was only one way to find out... Check out this video of the world's first V8 powered skateboard developed by GPY&R Brisbane. Then see it live alongside Tony Hawk in Sydney, December 3-5.

November 29, 2010

Coke Zero | Tron LiveCycle App

Coke Zero presents the first location-based video game that lets you play a real-life version of Disney TRON: Legacy. Build a Light Wall as you move about the real world and earn points by forcing other players to crash into it. Download LiveCycle for free at

Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba | Chico y Rita

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey - in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero - brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.

Directed by Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba. I met Javier in Melbourne at the AGIdeas conference earlier this year where he presented Chico y Rita animation for the first time. I can't wait to see it! Chico y Rita premiere was on the 19th November.

November 28, 2010

PAUSE | The Human Jukebox

It might appear to be pure madness, but instead it's just an extraordinary conviction. On Friday, the 26th of November, Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of Pause Home Entertainment Store will swallow a tailor made wireless sound system and transform into a Human Jukebox. And the conviction? When it comes to tailor made sound systems, anything is possible.

Theodore & Rosemary's Orchard

Theodore & Rosemary's Orchard from Kadavre Exquis on Vimeo.

Theodore is the story of a thief who gets in an orchard at night in order to steal some fruits he needs for his fruit addiction. He finally gets killed by the orchard's owner. Just after he was shot, we finally realize Theodore only had a nightmare.The main purpose of this video was to work on "clichés".

Directed and animated by KADAVRE EXQUIS
Song by NANCY ADAMS "somebody in my orchard.
Sound effect by Kadavre exquis

Wax Tailor feat. Charlotte Savary | Dragon Chasers

WAX TAILOR - DRAGON CHASERS (Officiel) from itsagoodday on Vimeo.

'It's A good Day' production company is responsible for stylish video clip for Wax Tailor.

November 27, 2010

Vellum | SESC Pompéia

vellum | SESC Pompéia | ROJO NOVA @ MIS Brazil | São Paulo | 2010 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.

In a time of complete virtualisation of knowledge, science and monetary flows the virtual sculpture “vellum” transfers the memory of one specific urban rhythm to another locality. After the premiere at the multiple LED screens of the COMO at SKT Tower (Seoul, South Korea) now 3 large screens at SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, Brazil) provide several thinly sliced views into this gigantic translucent formation, revealing time and space within the otherwise invisible as well as impossible structure. Video and sound design by Robert Seidel.

Nokia | Help me choose & Gift together Apps on Facebook

We've all made the Christmas Wow Face and said, "Wow a pair of socks!". Not any more.

Gift Together is for people who want to group together to buy a phone for someone. It helps them band together, pledge payments, make a decision on the present and go on to buy the perfect gift with ease.

Help Me Choose is really rather clever, and as far as we are aware, is an innovation first on Facebook. The app allows gift givers to contact the friends of the intended recipient, without needing to be their Facebook friend, and ask them what the subject would most like. With advice from their closest friends, you're sure to give the perfect gift and avoid Christmas Wow Face.

November 25, 2010

Bonnier | News+ for iPad

News+ concept live from Bonnier from Bonnier on Vimeo.

News+ is the daily newspaper if it were invented today, and brought to you by Bonnier from Sweden. News+ combines the depth and editorial choices of a daily newspaper with the web's possibilities for interaction and quick updates.

LG | Something lurking

"Something lurking" is a new tvc from LG highlighting their Kompressor range vacum cleaners. This toy story animation was developed by Young & Rubicam New York and produced by Smuggler and Psyop.

Pilot | Frixion Evolution

There's no life without change! And there's no change without Frixion! Discover the amazing evolution of human species according to Pilot Frixion.

Millions of years ago we have been created as a simple black point, evolved over fish, reptilian and other species into modern men. But nowadays, advanced technologies make us loose our way. We only sit around looking in a digital screen, getting fat and useless. And would not have been the Frixion pen erasing our stupid blinkers and creating new muscled arms, we would have drowned in the flood.

November 24, 2010

B-Reel Showreel 2010

Showreel 2010 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

B-Reel is a hybrid production company; specialized in the field of advanced digital productions, be it web, mobile, out of home or other media.

B-Reel was founded 1999 by the current owners with the same vision as today: to make inventive work, employ clever and good people and deliver to the smartest and most demanding customers in the world. We have done web campaigns, TV-Commercials, sites, banners, virals, games on mobile and web, web-TV shows, digital signage, TV graphics, white papers, book- and record covers.

Upper First Showrel 2010

Upper First - Showreel 10 from Upper First on Vimeo.

UPPER FIRST / is a studio aimed at producing visual FX, motion graphics and film for the growing digital and new media market. We are six founding members sharing a mutual interest in design, direction and visual production. Great work!

Djay for iPad

These iOS 4.2-specific features coming in djay for iPad include:

- Full access to iPod library
- Multi-tasking: you can run djay in Automix mode and listen to a continuous, seamless mix running in the background while you surf the web, play games, etc.
- AirPlay: you can wirelessly stream your mix to your Apple TV or AirPort Express station in real-time.
- Fully leverages accelerated CPU extensions (SSE-like) for high-quality audio processing and analysis
- Very low latency (< 3 msec)
- Background audio playback (multi-tasking support)
- Pre-Cueing (via mono/stereo adapter)

The iPad version is expected to be available in the App Store shortly after iOS 4.2 becomes available. iOS 4.2 is expected by the end of November and they've set up a teaser page to sign up for a notification of the release.

ATTIK & Scion | Take on the Machine

Global creative agency ATTIK and Scion are very proud to announce that the recently launched Augmented Reality (AR) game component of the Scion "Take On the Machine" campaign is being honored as today's "Site of the Day" on the prestigious Favourite Website Awards (FWA) site, online at

"With the Take On the Machine Augmented Reality game, our goal was to engage people with the bold and aggressive new Scion tC, and earning an FWA Award is a great measure of our success," said Simon Needham, ATTIK's co-founder and executive creative director. "We take this as yet another acknowledgment of the successful, ongoing collaborations with our clients at Scion. Now entering our ninth year of working together, we continue to push each other to new heights, as proven by this latest FWA recognition."

November 18, 2010

Google |

In August, when Google bought the site for $ 100 million, few imagined the real reason for the acquisition. But today the company unveiled the result of the purchase, the market launch in the

According to the site, the is a personalized shopping experience, brought to you by Google that lets you find and discover fashion items through a number of shops divided by subject - celebrities, stylists, fashion designers and bloggers. Boutiques uses the visual technology to help find the store of his appearance and creates the opportunity for designers to showcase their latest collections and inspirations online, helping users find the clothes fit your personal taste. Here Alhan Keser of Blue Fountain Media presents and its sign-up process.

November 17, 2010

NHS | Condoms

Condom, No Condom?
A video campaign from the British government to promote condom use among adolescents is causing controversy after being accused of being "pornographic."

The YouTube channel chosen by the Public Health System (NHS, its acronym in English) in Britain to promote the campaign, warns users that the images are inappropriate for children under 18 years. The interactive video, a website promoted by the government itself, shows a group of guys visiting a convenience store on the way to a party and the feasibility of buying or not condoms.

You get more than one time to make a choice which extends the communication and your viewing pleasure. Check it out, it's the best Youtube campaign I have seen lately.

iPod | i3DG - Palm Top Theater

V2_ presents Palm Top Theater, a Mobile 3D Exhibition, as part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011.

i3DG is a playful analog extension to an iPhone, converting its 2D display into a layered 3D view. Using the very old technique of placing a halfsilvered mirror at a 45-degree angle in front of an image, in a novel new context, the project serves as a timely critique of the popular memes of 3D displays and iPhones. As a gadget peripheral, i3DG can support a wide range of different applications, ranging from simple 3D videos and animations to accelerometer based games.


GOLEM Teaser from GOLEM on Vimeo.

This is the teaser for animated short "GOLEM", based on the short story GOLEM XIV by Stanislaw Lem.

Junaio | AR Absolut

Together with TBWA\ Interactive in Spain, ABSOLUT launched a print ad campaign announcing their special edition bottle called "ABSOLUT GLIMMER". The ad shows a veiled bottle shape and only when seen through a junaio powered smartphone, an animation starts with the new bottle becoming magically unveiled while music is playing through stereo boxes in the background.

November 15, 2010

Junaio | AR to Revolutionize Print Ad.

Sausalitos together with Coke zero of Germany just launched their Augmented Reality campaign on junaio this week. Traditional advertising is losing traction and people often pay little attention to commercial messages found in newspapers and magazines. Now, the much talked about Augmented Reality (AR) technology as available within the smartphone AR browser junaio may change all that. junaio`s highly sophisticated image recognition and object tracking capabilities make it possible to recognize a print ad and call up additional digital content to delight the viewer and draw renewed attention to a sponsor`s message.

Rockmelt | New Web Browser

Yes it's a new browser and it's called Rockmelt. Please go to their website to join and watch this trailer. It's cool.

Maxime Luère | Showreel 2009

Demoreel 2009 Maxime Luère from maxluere on Vimeo.

Maxime Luère is CG lead artist specialised in rendering, VFX, and compositing and this is his showreel.

Stateless | Ariel

Stateless - Ariel from FIELD on Vimeo.

Making of... Stateless - Ariel from FIELD on Vimeo.

Official music video for Stateless' new single "Ariel". A digital dance exploring the eternal struggle of good and evil. Animated in Houdini. "Ariel" will be available Nov 22 on Ninja Tunes, from the forthcoming album "Matilda", out Feb 2011.

New Era XC | London Exhibition

New Era XC | London from Chris Read on Vimeo.

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the New Era brand has decided to give carte blanche to 90 European artists to express their creativity on their famous cap. Have a sneak peak at the exhibit in London.

November 13, 2010

Funny or Die | iPad As Mobile Phone

Funny Or Die is a comedy video website that combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content. The site is a place where celebrities, established and up-and-coming comedians and regular users can all put up stuff they think is funny. At the same time, the site hopes to eliminate all the junk that people have to pick through to find videos. That means around here you get to vote on what videos are funny and what videos deserve to die. Check it out!

Samsung | Galaxy Tab

Ever been lost at 14,000 ft in the Andes mountains with your boss? Well the employees of Manikowski Worldwide have. Fortunately for them they brought along the Galaxy Tab. Watch how they survive.

November 11, 2010

Fat Monkey

Fat Monkey from florentijn hofman on Vimeo.

The Fat Monkey is a site specific work which was created out of the question from the Pixelshow to make a sculpture during their conference in 2010. Made with the help of local students and made from the brazilian icon; the flip flop which obviously works as one of the 10.000 pixels. The fat monkey is a work in the series 'Obeastitas'.

New York City Timelapse

New York City - Timelapse from stimul on Vimeo.

In summer 2009 Stimul production house started the work on the NYC timelapse directed by Alexandre Favre, Pierre Dumont and David Mignot. Well made and filmed cityscape of NYC.

Xbox 360 | Kinetik launch

Kinetik for Xbox 360 took over New York Times Square on 4th November and turned it into an entertainment extravaganza.

November 10, 2010

Floating in Space | Runner's Poem

Runner's Poem from FLOATING IN SPACE on Vimeo.

are Shingo Horiuchi (3dcg, motion) and Yoshio Matsumoto (sound design) from Tokyo and they have done amazing animation inspired by pure simple act of running.

Lumbre Showreel 2010

LUMBRE - 2010 REEL from Lumbre on Vimeo.

LUMBRE is a design and animation studio founded by Executive Producer Pablo Encabo and Creative Director Sergio Saleh in Buenos Aires. Stunning work from Argentina, what can I say.

Punga | Showreel 2009

Punga REEL 2009 from PUNGA on Vimeo.

PUNGA™ is Buenos Aires based studio providing a wide range of Audio-visual solutions to many Worlds best clients. Directed by TOMAS DIEGUEZ they work to create global image campaigns, advertising campaigns and music videos.

November 9, 2010

MTV | EMA 2010




Here are few videos of this year's MTV EMA 2010 opener, closer and nominee opener done by MTV WORLD DESIGN STUDIO.

NB | Projections Mapping on the Sneaker

New balance sneaker Projection mapping_01 from Hayoung Jung on Vimeo.

The projections mapping on the New Balance sneaker were done by Flurry Interactive. Nice little interactive project.

Dentsu London | Media surfaces: Incidental Media & Journey

Media surfaces: Incidental Media from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Media surfaces: The Journey from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

This two video sketches illustrate some of the ideas and principles behind Dentsu London's communications strategy Making Future Magic.

Messages from friends and social services, like Foursquare or Twitter, and also more functional messages from companies or services like banks or airlines alongside large traditional big 'M' Media (like broadcast or news publishing), and messages on the trains utilising old media for the new ideas.

Getty Images | Watermark

Getty Images decided to select some of the most visited place in Europe and, in fact, mount its watermark in front of the attractions. The aim was to draw the attention of people who do not usually use their services. The idea is simple and brilliant, a metal frame suspended the watermark of Getty Images in the air, while its base said: "All images You Can Imagine".

ADCC | Love/Hate

Hate/Love from CRUSH on Vimeo.

This is the opening created for the 2010 Advertising and Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Awards. The film taps into an insight we think every creative feels - love for the business when things are going well, and hate, when things aren't. The video is by Leo Burnett creatives Anthony Chelvanathan, Dave Tupper and is produced by Spy Films, Toronto.

Sehsucht™ | Google Street View

GOOGLE STREET VIEW from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

GOOGLE - Breakdown from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

GOOGLE WIP 4 WEEKS from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

Google Germany GmbH has appointed Kolle Rebbe GmbH to create this cute animation. Big team from Berlin has worked on this directed by Mate Steinforth and the production house Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co KG. Nice one!

Skyfire | iPhone does Flash

Skyfire is the only iPhone browser that will play nice with Adobe Flash technology - embedded Flash videos and interactive Flash websites by transcoding it into HTML5 on the fly. The Skyfire browser is still pending approval for the AppStore, but here is a preview video to show off!

NeilPryde | Diablo

As its name suggests, the Diablo is bad to the bone. This all-round racing and climbing bike is powerful, muscular, and ready to defy the laws of physics and cause plenty of trouble to the competition. Maybe this crazy Frenchman in a viral is testing it's limits riding it with wheels on fire.

November 6, 2010

Orange | Balloonancy

First to finish! STARTS 8TH NOVEMBER!
Be the first racer to the end of the internet and you’ll win a luxury hot air balloon flight anywhere in the UK, with lots of posh nosh for you and three friends to enjoy. There is more prizes, but most of all the experience of competing in race on the net is priceless. Check the balloonancy website for more details.

November 5, 2010

World’s Best Bars | World’s Best App Competition

World's Best Bars iPad Competition from World's Best Bars on Vimeo.

Over the next few weeks, the website 'World's Best Bars' is crowd sourcing ideas for their new iPad app, inviting developers, students, and general creative types to submit their ideas. After all of the submissions are received there will be a period of public online voting to narrow down the top ten ideas and then a jury of some select executive and media types- including Tim Cunningham, the director of digital media at Pernod Ricard- will decide on the winning concept. Best of all, the winner gets a $10,000 prize.

Zwp! Collective | Biomedical Analysis

Imagevideo / Biomedical Analysis from Zwp! Collective on Vimeo.

Few names from Zwp! Collective stand behind this project: Christian Kinzer; Erwin Polanc; Stefan Joch; Peter Schönhardt; Matthias Müller. Zwupp (zwp!) is a collective founded in 2009, based in graz and vienna / austia. Zwupp produces high-quality products for design areas such as motion, film, photography, print and illustration.

November 4, 2010


Scrabble : THE BLOCK PROJECT from paranoid on Vimeo.

Excellent campaign for the board game Scrabble with their new version called "Delirium". A video spot with over 60 fully furnished apartments in a huge empty building, by Ogilvy & Mather Paris, and production by Paranoid.

R+I creative | INFLUENCERS

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION (FR) from R+I creative on Vimeo.

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today's pop culture.

"Influencers" belongs to the new generation of short films, webdocs, which combine the documentary style and the online experience.

Please go to their website, it has much more to offer:

Puma | King Diego Line

To celebrate Maradona's 50th birthday PUMA came up with new King Diego line. Visit

to check it out.

The Rolling Stones | Plundered My Soul

The Rolling Stones "Plundered My Soul" Music Video - Directed by Jonas Odell from FilmTecknarna on Vimeo.

FilmTecknarna director Jonas Odell pulled from Rolling Stones archival footage to create this animated collage music video. The track is taken from the Stones classic album Exile on Main St., which is to be reissued next month, supplemented by ten previously unheard songs. The movement of the camera becomes part of the choreography of the video, as it slows during the quieter parts of the song and picks up speed as the track gathers intensity. As the song builds Jonas plays around within the format of the collage with the various images forming patterns and introducing depth moves to let the camera truck into one image to reveal another set of images at the end.

Zka 11 | Shapes In Motion

Shapes In Motion from zka11 on Vimeo.

Zka11 wanted to experiment with simple forms and pre made vectors. There is a pinch of Cinema4D, but mostly AE - Trapcode 3D stroke, Shine and Form.

Sound Design by Martin Lukanov -​re-jecxz

Colin Hesterly Showreel

Demo Reel 2010 from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Short and sweet work from Colin Hesterly the Animator, Craftsman, and Designer.

Ontario Electronic Stewardship | Do The World A Favour

Do The World A Favour from CypherAudio on Vimeo.

A collaboration between Tendril + Pitú + CypherAudio for Ontario Electronic Stewardship brings this beautiful animation together. Cd John McIntyre behind Agency59 and production company Tendril Design+Animation Inc. stand behind this work.

Rickard Bengtsson | Super Slow Motion Water

More Super Slow Motion [Water] - 550D from Rickard Bengtsson on Vimeo.

After shooting of BMX in slow-motion here is the impressive video by Rickard Bengtsson. With the use of water and a Canon 550D at 1000 fps slow motion, with After Effects and Twixtor. Soundtrack is by Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile

November 3, 2010

Skoda Fabia | Made of Meaner Stuff

Commercial for the Skoda Fabia vRS, which mocks the feel-good vibe of the earlier Skoda Cake ad for the brand. Skoda came a log way since VW has bought them few years back, but it also helps when you pay Fallon in London bug bucks to make an ad like this, directed by Nick Gordon. Skoda is getting some umpf.

Land Rover | Freelander 2 for 2011

Demonstrating the new Freelander 2's all-round versatility, our driver Clay and his trusty steed journey through town, country and forest, across mountains and through snow.

Mini Countryman | Getaway Stockholm 2010

Download the app at

This reality game challenges you to do the impossible: stay at least 50 metres away from everybody else in Stockholm city between October 31st and November 7th 2010. If you succeed, you win the new MINI Countryman.

Reality Gaming, the MINI Way.

Nike | Defiant

Beautifully illustrated animation of Nike's Defiant microsite produced by agency AKQA, San Francisco, it tells the story of Athletics West, an American running team formed in 1977 by keen runners Bill Bowerman, Phill Knight and Geoff Holister, who recognised the sorry state of running in their country, which had been left behind on the track by global competition.

November 2, 2010

TEAGUE | 20/20 Headphones Concept

TEAGUE 20/20 Concept from TEAGUE on Vimeo.

TEAGUE's 20/20 concept explores the serendipitous match between R. Buckminster Fuller's tensegrity structure and the unique structural requirements of headphone adjustment mechanisms.

Plenty | Spotlight

Plenty Montage 2010 from FlightDelays on Vimeo.

Mtv Bicentenario by Plenty™ from Plenty on Vimeo.

Mtv Top Ten from Plenty on Vimeo.

Fox ID - Coins from Plenty on Vimeo.

Fox Retro "Pinball" - Birthday ID from Plenty on Vimeo.

Schweppes "The magic is in the mix" from Plenty on Vimeo.

Gancia One from Plenty on Vimeo.

AXN Mystery from Plenty on Vimeo.

Plenty is the challenge of satisfying their desire to excel in creating, designing and telling stories. Looking for that utopian feeling of plenitude where Plenty feels comfortable with what they see and what they have achieved.

That's why Pablo Alfieri and Mariano Farias have merged, combining their personal projects (Playful and Gula, respectively) and creating a select team of professionals and specialists, willing to take all risks to face the challenges and reaching the target comfortably.

TimeScapes | Rapture

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

Timelapse Crane Unleashed from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

Tom Lowe the astronomy photographer of 2010 shot this footage over the summer for his debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest. Tom used Canon and Red MX cameras.

Follow the production of the film at:​timescapes
Also here: and here​blog

Skyence | INSCT

Skyence – INSCT from Johannes Timpernagel on Vimeo.

Collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin).
Animation generated in VVVV, Editing in After Effects.

Qwiki | New Internet Browser

Good Morning, Doug from Qwiki on Vimeo.

Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt from Qwiki on Vimeo.

"We are the first to turn information into an experience. We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn’t mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let's try harder, says Doug Embruce the founder and CEO of Qwiki."

Think of asking your favorite teacher about Leonardo Da Vinci, or your most well-traveled friend about Buenos Aires: this is the experience Qwiki will eventually deliver, on demand, wherever you are in the world… on whatever device you’re using.

We've all seen science fiction films (or read novels) where computers are able to collect data on behalf of humans, and present the most important details. This is our goal at Qwiki – to advance information technology to the point it acts human.

November 1, 2010

BBC | Electric Proms

BBC "Electric Proms" from Brand New School on Vimeo.

A 30-second video spot for the BBC Radio 2 entitled "Electric Proms", with a promotion performance of Elton John, Robert Plant and Neil Diamond. A stop-motion work by Brand New School London appointed by Fallon.

Casius | I Love You So

Cassius - I Love U So
Uploaded by edbangerrecords. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

New one from Cassius, and we love it!

Daft Punk | Tron 3D Movie

Derezzed video from Daft Punk shows some new footage from the Tron Legacy 3D movie that will open in cinemas in January 2011. You can see the Daft Punk boys in their uniforms playing the tune.

Hyundai | Live Smart

The concept of "Live Smart" commercial was produced with zero carbon emissions.

Created by the Innocean Worldwide Canada, with production of Radke / MJZ and directed by Noel Fenn, Blue Source and Leigh Marling.

Playstation 3 | Move

Playstation Move from Tom André Engli Andersson on Vimeo.

There has never been a better way to portray what your product can (or can't) do for a consumer than getting it in their hands. Norwegian Playstation distributor Nordisk Film felt this was definitely the way to show off Move, Sony's answer to the Wiimote, but its agency Suddenly, Oslo, didn't want to go with the usual shopping mall demo or awkward launch party, instead wanting to take the experience right into the living room of the end user, literally.

Batelco | Infinity

An EPIC journey through people's ideas coming to life. It's INFINITY from Batelco that took over 1 year in the making - INFINITY the biggest innovative ad Film.

Join us NOW at for Exclusive materials, behind the scene, interviews with the award winning duo directors, interviews with the whole team behind INFINITY, and much more of the most thrilling ride you'll ever see in October 2010.