April 30, 2010

Neo Heaven – Camille Marotte Reel 2010

DirectorReel:10 from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.

Halo Reach Trailer

Making of a Boeing

24 rooms in 32m²


AllHours helps you plan the perfect time for your next conference call or virtual meeting with participants in other time zones, easily and with style.

Marisa Lingerie

TAPUME - Marisa Lingerie from Lojas Marisa on Vimeo.

Lamborghini Pacemaker

LAMBORGHINI PACEMAKER from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

Iron Man 2 | Augmented Reality

Doritos | Garrafa

Louis Vuitton | Pelé, Maradona & Zidane

April 29, 2010

Pepsi | Maxit Legends

Optus Socceroos Vs. Animals

MTV | Breeding Farm


ACDC Vs Iron Man 2

ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 - Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle from seeper on Vimeo.

On the site of a thousand years of violent history, ACDC were pitted against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project. The front facade of the Great Keep at Rochester Castle, was brought to life using the latest in 3D animation techniques. This onslaught of the senses, saw the castle confront it's ultimate challenge. Warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audiences eyes. Let there be rock!

April 28, 2010

Chartered Bank | Here For Good

By Stefan Sagmeister.

Rexona Man Foot Zombie

The Vimeo Festival & Awards Titles

The Vimeo Festival + Awards -- Chris Crutchfield from Chris Crutchfield on Vimeo.

Vimeo Festival + Awards -- Nick Campbell from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

The Vimeo Festival + Awards -- Malcolm Sutherland from Malcolm Sutherland on Vimeo.

The Vimeo Festival + Awards -- Glenn Marshall from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

It's time to celebrate the best of original online video, Vimeo style.

The Vimeo Festival and Awards invites video creators throughout the world to submit their finest original online videos and then come celebrate as we award the best of the best. All the details on how to submit your videos, and/or buy tickets to the upcoming events, coming soon!

Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car

Google Chrome Extensions

Hail the Villain!

Hail The Villain from Grand Creative on Vimeo.

Louis Vuitton | Saint Valentin

Louis Vuitton - Saint Valentin from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.

April 27, 2010

Happy It's here!

Heineken | Man with Talent

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Nike | Music Shoe


Tokyo Timelapse

Coke | By Paranoid US

Coke Quest from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

Coca-Cola "Quest"

Production Company - Paranoid US
Director - Edouard Salier
Executive Producers - Claude Letessier, Cathleen O'Conor
Producer - Anne Lifshitz
Graphic Designers - Yué Wu, Corentin Rouge, Marthe Salier, Damien Martin, Julien Michel, Xavier Reyé, Florent Gombeau

Global Brand Director - Shay Drohan
Project Lead – Emmanuel Seuge
Creative Excellence -Jonathan Mildenhal

Agency - SANTO, Buenos Aires
Creative Directors - Sebastian Wilhelm, Pablo Minces
Art Director - Maximiliano Anselmo
Copy Writer - Pablo Minces
Producer - Ezequiel Ortiz
Account Director - Ignacio Diez
Planner - Martin Cole

Post Company - Digital District
Executive Producer - David Danesi
Post Supervisor - Peggy Tavenne
Flame Artist - Christophe Richard
Flame Assistant - Amandine Moulinet
VFX Artists - Marc-Thomas Cave, Jean Lamoureux, Thomas Marque, Florian Rihn
Modeling - Jimmy Cave
Animation - Romuald Caudroit, Remi Gamiette, Margaux Durand-Rival, Nicolas Dabos
Lighting - Nicolas Belin, Nicolas Vion

Audio Company - X-Track
Mixer/Engineer - François Roy
Executive Producer - François Roy
Track Artist - K'NAAN


THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

Director : Ricardo de Montreuil
Producers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Eliz Eskeranli
Writers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Antonio Perez
Cinematographer: Andres Sanchez
Music by: Angelo Milli
Special Effects Supervisor: Aaron Burns
3D Modeling and Animation: Juan Somarriba and Francisco Concha
Visual Effects and Compositing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Editing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Color Correction: Santiago Padilla
Sound Design and Mixing: Martin Seltzer
Budget: $5k
Format: RED 1920x1080
Special thanks: Filmosonido, CO3 and Converse


Contact > info@theravenfilm.com

Space Monkey

Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo.

Created as a collaboration between World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ben Lee and Leo Burnett, "Space Monkey" carries a message about our planet, and features Ben Lee's track, "Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe".

Honeyway Train Webcam Game

This is a world first AR project using the Unity3D engine created by Creative Technology specialists Boffswana. Honeyway Train is an augmented reality game where the player controls the entire experience using the Honey Nut Cheerios cereal box.


The VITAL EP x Horizon Variations By Adrien Dezalay from VITAL on Vimeo.

Pre-Download The Vital EP for free:

April 19, 2010

Wallpaper* Mag at a Touch!

Wallpaper* has launched a free iPhone app, in association with Swarovski Crystal Palace. Launched to coincide with Salone del Mobile, the Wallpaper* app will give you instant access to Wallpaper’s pick of the best from the world of art, fashion, travel, architecture and technology.

Not only will the application bring to life exclusives from the magazine, it will also feature an exciting daily dose of cutting-edge stories, stunning picture galleries and short form video content direct from wallpaper.com. And wherever you are in the world, you will be able to access information and exclusives from all the major design fairs, fashion shows and exhibitions.

The launch of the iPhone app, together with its status as second most followed UK magazine on Twitter (86,000 followers), cements Wallpaper* magazine’s ambitions to be at the cutting edge of technology and social media.

The Wallpaper* iphone app is free and available to download now from the App store.


April 17, 2010



Award-winning Typo-Animation that gives you a clear impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. Due to the immense scale of the visual bombardment, the commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious.

Horizont | Stas Chepurnov

The Manoeuvre

The Manoeuvre from Richard De Souza on Vimeo.

Google Earth | NYC in Hirez 3D!

April 12, 2010

The bar bill of US$ 73.000

Devo | The Song Study

Sony | The Viewfinders

AT&T | Rethink Possible

Audi vs. justin Timberlake

Search For World’s Greatest Salesperson

Honda Power of Dreams | Campaign of the Decade

The Paper Melody | Incandescent

the Paper Melody (Incandescent) from raul gonzo on Vimeo.

Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard

Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard from milton cj on Vimeo.

In early 2009, IBM launched its smarter planet agenda – a broad campaign acknowledging the importance of intelligent systems in the world today. In the retail industry, for example, consumer data around something as simple as color can have massive implications around shipping, inventory and, ultimately, overall sales.

This interactive billboard is a simple and engaging virtual demonstration of how a smarter retail system can work.

Broken Fingaz Crew!

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion from Broken Fingaz on Vimeo.

First animation clip from Tant and Unga of the "broken fingaz crew" from Israel


Pillows (Good Feeling) from Chris Crutchfield on Vimeo.

April 10, 2010

Doritos | King of Ads

Make an Ad, Make a Fortune

Make the next Doritos advert and win up to £200k!

Think you can create the next great TV ad? The one that everyone will be talking about? The one that will make you famous?

On the 16th February 2010, Doritos launches it’s ‘King of Ads’ campaign, encouraging all budding young directors or anyone with a video camera, to create the next big Doritos TV ad and win up to a staggering £200,000.

Arm yourself with ideas and a video camera and create a 29 second commercial to be uploaded onto www.doritos.co.uk. The makers of the top 15 adverts will then be invited to pitch their Doritos TV ad to a panel of specially selected experts, which includes Bafta award-winning actor, director, and screenwriter Noel Clarke, TV and radio presenter Lauren Laverne and top ad director David Shane. The top three ads, as selected by the panel, will then be put to the public vote to decide who the true King of Ads is.

The budding director of the winning ad with the most votes is guaranteed £100,000 and will win an extra £1 for every vote they receive up to an additional £100,000. They will have their advert watched by millions as it airs across British national television from 12th June to 11th July. Not bad for your first commercial!

Pete Charles, Marketing Manager, Doritos, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to make a name for themselves in the world of advertising or earn a life changing amount of money. In true Doritos style your adverts can be as bold, leftfield or as funny as you make them – good luck!”

The Doritos King of Ads competition opens to entrants on the 16th February and closes 30th April. Voting for your favourite ads opens from 29th May and closes on the 10th June 2010. Throughout the entry stage there will also be the opportunity to win amazing prizes if your ad is chosen as ad of the week. To download the toolkit and submit your advert visit www.doritos.co.uk.

April 9, 2010

Vital Signs | Midnight Juggernauts

Vital Signs - Midnight Juggernauts from midnight juggernauts on Vimeo.

Vital Signs - Midnight Juggernauts
from the forthcoming album 'The Crystal Axis' out May 28th

A video collaboration between Midnight Juggernauts and Krozm
Directed by Krozm
Artwork and Video Concept by Midnight Juggernauts
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Central Structure by Dylan Martorell
Sculpture Lights by MPH.
Thanks to Matt Hansen @ mattspartyhire.com.au

Lego Bugatti Veyron

Remote Controlled Lego Bugatti Veyron with a working seven-speed gearbox, for kids - NOT???

Brandkarma . Com


Faltjahr 2010

faltjahr 2010 from yohann on Vimeo.


Solidarité from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

Agence BDDP & Fils


Production COSA
Réalisation : LES JANDJ

God of War Trilogy | Best Boss Fights

God of War Trilogy - Best Boss Fights
Uploaded by ign. - Watch game reviews, trailers, and walkthrough videos.


Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Independent web videos.


Post-it Animation - Wicked Pixels

Post-it Animation - Wicked Pixels
Uploaded by coodoo.

M&C Saatchi Melbourne Digital Reel

M&C Saatchi Digital Reel from M&C Saatchi on Vimeo.

April 8, 2010

Newport Beach Film Festival

Keith Loutit


It's a great website with a mad stop motion video!

Waiting (feat. Jay Kauffman)


Gkaster Reel 2010

GKASTER DEMOREEL AVRIL2010 from gkaster on Vimeo.

Vital | Airport

VITAL "Airport" from VITAL on Vimeo.

Stomacher | Untitled/Dark Divider

Stomacher - Untitled/Dark Divider from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

The [ahr-tuh-zen] Project | Dave Lefner

The [ahr-tuh-zen] Project: Dave Lefner from Ric Serena on Vimeo.

Darty | Toupie, Vent, Cubes

Darty - Toupie, Vent, Cubes from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.

Title: Toupie, Vent, Cubes
Length: 3 x8 Sec
Client: Darty
Agency: H-Paris
Art Director: Didier Richarth
Copywriter: Jean-Yves Delvolgo
Agency TV Producers: Agathe Naffah, Ingrid Vasseur

Production Company: Troublemakers.tv
Director / Art Director: Icecream (Nicolas Dufoure)
Executive Producer: James Hagger
Production Assistant: Mélanie Aguila Fauconnier

Sound Design: Grabuge Production, Jerome Hatchuel

April 7, 2010

Will It Blend | iPad


Time Zero

Exmagina Showroom

Exmagina Showroom - shot with 5D MkII from Exmagina on Vimeo.

One day around the Tower

One day around the tower (Zaha Hadid - Marseilles) from Exmagina on Vimeo.

One day timelapse tilt shifted film around the new Zaha Hadid tower of CMA-CGM in Marseilles - South France

Shot between June and december 2009 with Sony EX1, Letus Elite and Nikon D90.

Edited in Final Cut Pro, post and grad in After Effect.

Score performed by His Boy Elroy : Revolve (R Mix)
avalaible on iTunes & Amazon


Popular Science +

Mag+ live with Popular Science+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Popular Science + is the first digital magazine to emerge from Bonnier’s Mag+, an ongoing project across all Bonnier titles in the U.S. and Europe to rethink the way magazines can be read on a new generation of full-color, touchscreen tablet devices.

Popular Science+ is a new way of experiencing magazines on digital devices and a first step toward our vision of what digital magazine reading can be. Mag+, Bonnier’s digital magazine platform, is a project that began months ago in a collaboration between Bonnier’s global R&D task force and BERG, a London-based design studio.

Our goal has been to preserve all the qualities that make magazines such a powerful, popular medium—inspired packaging of carefully curated content by a team of expert editors, delivered in a visually dazzling issue with a beginning, middle and end—and at the same time to reinvent it in a way that makes it come to life on the iPad’s screen.

Circle Citizen

GrooveMaker for iPad

The Griffin & Chilewich iPhone Cases

April 5, 2010

Hajime | Dancing Samurai Robot Restaurant

A 3D Music Video, No Glasses Required

Doubtful Comforts - Blue Roses

Paso de los Toros Tonic Water | Immortal Revenge

Paso de los Toros Tonic Water - Immortal Revenge from BBDO argentina on Vimeo.

Design Currency | Icograda Design Week In Vancouver

Design Currency: Icograda Design Week In Vancouver from GDC/BC on Vimeo.

Hammock | Breathturn

Hammock - Breathturn from David Altobelli on Vimeo.

Meet Meline

MEET MELINE : THE 3D ANIMATED SHORT FILM (by Sebastien Laban & Virginie Goyons) from Sebastien LABAN on Vimeo.

MEET MELINE : THE MAKING OF (Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons) from Sebastien LABAN on Vimeo.

Meet Meline tells the story of a little girl whose curiosity is sparked by a mysterious creature as she plays in her grandparents’ barn.

“Meet Meline” is a 3D animated short film created independently and without any budget by Virginie Goyons and Sebastien Laban (Sound Design: Cedric Denooz, Music: Guillaume Roussel).

Quick Fixe | Invite to a Party

Luke and Zach Go Boating Present: Quick Fixe, Feb. 6 from Luke Harris on Vimeo.

Ben.MaZUé | Obama

Ben.MaZUé - Obama from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.

April 1, 2010

MTV | Generation Youth

The Fun Theory Award

Roman & Williams

Roman & Williams from The Scout on Vimeo.

Intel | Walter

Nike | Bleed Your Colours

Scion | Reinvent the Wheels

The Augmented Matza

Sparkle* Reel 2010 ComputerArts Magazine Version

Sparkle* Reel 2010 ComputerArts Magazine Version from Glenn Maguire on Vimeo.

Sweet Disposition

Sweet Disposition from Fabio Barbato on Vimeo.

Four Letter Words

Four Letter Words from Rob Seward on Vimeo.

Four Letter Words consists of four units, each capable of displaying all 26 letters of the alphabet with an arrangement of fluorescent lights.

The piece displays an algorithmically generated word sequence, derived from a word association database developed by the University of South Florida between 1976 and 1998. The algorithms take into account word meaning, rhyme, letter sequencing, and association.

The algorithm's tendency towards scatological or "dark" subject matter is influenced by a variety of language and perception studies, especially Elliot McGinnies' 1949 study "Emotionality and Perceptual Defense."

While the piece was conceived with idea of displaying algorithmically generated lists, it was designed with flexibility and expandability in mind. The individual units can be connected ad-infinitum, and are theoretically capable of displaying any length of text. While Four Letter Words deals with a specific range of content, the technology can be easily expanded for future textual experiments.