January 6, 2011

Axe | The Fall

The film, titled "The Fall (Angels)" (The Fall - Angels), is a creation of English agency BBH and will run in the Brazilian market by Borghierh Lowe, representing the brand in Brazil. Altogether, the innovation will receive an investment of $ 14 million in marketing.

The film, which will be presented on January 12 in open and cable TV from all over Brazil in 45 versions and 30 seconds, is central slogan "Even angels fall." In the plot, seven international models - the Polish Magda Klebanska, the English Adewole Betty and Frances Phillips, Portuguese and Croatian Sara Sampaio, Josipa Jankovic, Josipa Grdic, Iva Ivanovic and represented by one of the main agencies worldwide, Storm Models - beautiful live angels falling from the sky when the character played by actor Domenico Clores, Excite uses AXE.

And if you ever wondered where angels fall, it's the city called Split in Croatia.

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