March 31, 2011

James Alliban | Konstruct AR App

Konstruct from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Konstruct explores generative art in an Augmented Reality environment. It is a sound reactive AR experience for the iPhone that allows the user to create a virtual sculpture by speaking, whistling or blowing into the device’s microphone. A variety of 3D shapes, colour palettes and settings can be combined to build an endless collection of structures. Compositions can be saved to the device’s image gallery.

Konstruct is a free app available on iPhone 3GS and 4 running iOS 4+. A version for the iPad 2 is planned in the coming months.

March 30, 2011

Valpak | AR Coupons

With the Valpak coupons on the junaio app, consumers don't wait to receive coupons, the geo-location coupons are available whenever they want them. The app launches the smartphone's camera and GPS to overlay a set of 3D icons in real-time, showing the available Valpak coupons in the vicinity as the user scans the surroundings, with a radius varying from 5 feet to 20 miles away. The coupons and offers literally "pop up" on the screen. Let's go shopping!

Samsung Galaxy Ace | Super Slow Motion

Again TVF has worked closely with Samsung to delivery another contemporary and trendy video for the client’s online adverts. This time the product is Galaxy Ace the latest smartphone powered by Android which is meant to be one of the most competitive mid-range smartphones in the business today.

Smart fortwo | Big Idea

smart fortwo "A big idea" campaign from Shilo on Vimeo.

smart fortwo "A big idea for two" from Shilo on Vimeo.

smart fortwo "For individualists" from Shilo on Vimeo.

smart fortwo "All in" from Shilo on Vimeo.

Shilo co-founder and director Jose Gomez has directed five commercials for BBDO Berlin and the phenomenal smart vehicles from Daimler AG. The agency's smart fortwo A Big Idea campaign leverages the first co-production between Shilo and Film Deluxe GmbH, which is now representing Jose and his fellow Shilo directors Andre Stringer, Noah Conopask and others in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A fifth spot will debut soon.

March 23, 2011

Vladimir Shelest | Reel 2010

Vladimir Shelest. Reel2010. from Vladimir Shelest on Vimeo.

Energy Shelest Space Creative demoreel 2010 was produced by One Day Production Studio from Moscow.

St. Louis Addy Awards | Opening Reel 2011

2011 St. Louis Addy Awards Opening Reel from 90 Degrees West on Vimeo.

2011 St. Louis Addy Awards show reel produced in-house by 90˚W. Video shot by 90˚W and Bad Dog Pictures. Original composition by Mark Bartels.

New York by Frank Gehry | Beekman Tower

8 Spruce Street, originally known as Beekman Tower and currently marketed as New York by Gehry[2], is a 76-story skyscraper designed by architect Frank Gehry in the New York City borough of Manhattan at 8 Spruce Street, just south of City Hall Plaza and the Brooklyn Bridge. Beekman Tower is the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere.

Junaio | iPad 2 - Augmented Reality 2.0

With its established distribution platform, new processor capabilities, the huge display and - finally - two cameras, the iPad2 is a perfect enabler for mobile Augmented Reality and Junaio is on the top of the game. It seems like the iPad2 was made for Augmented Reality. Stay tuned as Junaio brings out the platform after iPad 2 goes to shops on 25th of March!

Ruairi Robinson | Blinky™

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Blinky™ is written & directed by Ruairi Robinson and funded by Bord Scannán na hÉireann / Irish film Board. Blinky's friend is Max Records from "Where The Wild Things Are" and beautiful cinematography is by Macgregor.

March 21, 2011

DTS | The Speaker Orchestra

The Speaker Orchestra from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

"Every year DTS creates a promotional video for CES in Las Vegas. This year, the commercial production company I’m with wanted to do something different. They wanted to make something that people would replay, something that would stimulate people’s minds when they view it on their computer screen.

I think that inspiration comes from a lot of places. In the case of myself growing up in the Internet generation, much of my inspiration comes from there. It’s a hobby of mine — scouring the web for the newest and most original piece of work. So when I stumbled across this video, I instantly wanted to try it for myself." By Ross Ching

A Brief History of Title Design

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Full film and television listing selection from Ian Albinson:

Intolerance, Phantom of the Opera, King Kong, Modern Times, My Man Godfrey, Make Way For Tomorrow, Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Gun Crazy, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Lady in the Lake, Fallen Angel, The Thing, Singing in the Rain, The Man with the Golden Arm, Anatomy of a Murder, Psycho, North by Northwest, Vertigo, Grand Prix, To Kill A Mockingbird, Dr. No, The Pink Panther, Goldfinger, Dr. Strangelove, Bullitt, Barbarella, Soylent Green, Mean Streets, Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Superman, Alien, Raging Bull, The Terminator, Brazil, The Untouchables, Do The Right Thing, Forrest Gump, The Naked Gun, Cape Fear, Reservoir Dogs, Delicatessen, Natural Born Killers, Freaked, Se7en, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Mimic, Donnie Brasco, Mission Impossible, Dawn of the Dead, Fight Club, Catch Me If You Can, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Fall, Casino Royale, Six Feet Under, Carnivale, Dexter, Mad Men, Iron Man, Juno, The Kingdom, Wall•E, Sherlock Holmes, Up In The Air, Zombieland, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Buried, Robin Hood, Machete, The Social Network, Enter The Void.

Solidarités International | World Water Day 2011

Water ink _ BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International - UK from BDDP Unlimited on Vimeo.

To mark World Water Day, on March 22nd Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited will roll out a campaign to build awareness of the scourge of undrinkable water.

Today, it is estimated that 3.6 million people, including 1.5 million children under the age of 5, die every year of diseases borne by undrinkable water, making it the world’s leading cause of death.

Yet the public isn’t aware of it and political leaders do not demonstrate the drive it takes to end the terrible deaths. The campaign calls on journalists to spread awareness of this scourge and appeal to readers to sign a petition that will be personally handed to the French president during the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012. To evoke the silent and invisible threat of unhealthy water, BDDP Unlimited opted for a minimalist approach that is both visually appealing and surprising, using water and ink exclusively. The spot shows the power of ink to reveal the invisible.

The spot, created by BDDP Unlimited, produced by Hush and directed by Clément Beauvais, a young director, illustrator, musician and photographer. His multiple talents and mastery of various techniques enabled him to both create the drawings and direct the spot. The campaign will be seen from mid-March on TV, in cinemas, on the Internet and in print. A dedicated web site,, will gather signatures for the petition.

The Sharp Project

Forging together PRP architect's digital plans, a soundtrack from Zelig, a rebooted robot and oodles of in-house inspiration from The Boot Room, Mi have crafted this supremely polished vision of The Sharp Project. Watch as viral hit ahd168, a reformed hobo-bot, flashes around the studios, creative nodes and social spaces in strides, leaps and slides in all his digital glory. At last, we have a place where Manchester's digital folk can feel perfectly at home.

Adidas | Adidas is all in

International sporting goods manufacturer adidas unveils its latest global brand campaign. This is the first time that the company has created a campaign leveraging the adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style sub-brands, ensuring that it is the most diverse and all-encompassing glimpse into the brand ever. The campaign showcases adidas' distinctive presence across and into different sports, cultures and lifestyles fusing the worlds of sport, music and fashion. Captured in their natural, authentic surroundings, brand ambassadors from football stars Lionel Messi and David Beckham to NBA star Derrick Rose and pop icon Katy Perry to the adidas skateboarding team and many more show that when you love your game, whatever the game, you put your all into it. Available Related Media includes the 30', 60' and 2 min version of the Global Brand Campaign spots.

Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created and produced the global campaign. Sid Lee was hired as the global advertising agency for lifestyle label adidas Originals at the start of 2008 and developed the global campaigns for Originals in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, Sid Lee was announced as the global lead-agency for the entire adidas brand.

March 17, 2011

SixToes | Low Guns

7 seconds on a station platform, seen through the window of a high-speed train, in slow-motion. "Low Guns", written and performed by SixToes.

A unit9 production. Directed by H Cowling, DoP Carl Burke, AD Richard Rowe, Cam Op Edward Edwards, Online Editor Sarah Zappon. Inspired by StrayLight, "Glide2"

Jordi Pages | Mass, F17 and Seeper

Mass from Jordi Pages on Vimeo.

F17 from Jordi Pages on Vimeo.

Asian Winter Olympics from seeper on Vimeo.

Jordi Pages is Spanish motion designer and director, now living in London and working as 3D designer for Seeper - the arts and technology collective. First couple projects are Jordi's personal work, while the projections for Asia Winter games in Almaty, Kazakhstan was done for Seeper.

March 14, 2011

IPT2 | 3D Zoetrope Mapping

Battles - IPT2 - 3D Zoetrope Mapping from Retchy on Vimeo.

"Pretty straightforward technique really - I just had a projector set up on a tripod, pointing down at the zoetrope from above, and then masked off each circle and spent a few days synching it up to the music. It's good to finally get some sort of finished film out of this zoetrope malarkey, says Retchy (aka Graeme Hawkins).

BMW and Mercedes Benz | Projections Ads

Sustainable Projection from future:headz on Vimeo.

Mercedes Benz - Transparent Walls (English) from Benjamin Busse on Vimeo.

An innovative, smart way of projection.
BMW used energy mainly powered by regenerative energy storage. The energy was generated by a vertical wind turbine and used for the performance by a new innovative CO2 free energy storage.

For the PRE-SAFE® precrash system from Mercedes-Benz, they made chaotic traffic intersections safer.

Everybody was able to look around the corners into the streets as if the walls were transparent, and could therefore detect potential hazards in time to avoid them. To achieve this, Mercedes used a camera to film what was going on around the corner.

Herbie Hancock | The Imagine Project

Follow Herbie Hancock as he travels the world to record his brand new album "The Imagine Project" with some of the biggest musicians and singers of today - P!nk, John Legend, Seal, Chaka Khan, Jeff Beck, John Legend, James Morrison, Dave Matthews and many more. Herbie Hancock will be performing in Melbourne on 30 April 2011.

J-Scott | Blip TV

Blip TV Bumper from J-Scott on Vimeo.

J-Scott created this animation for Blip TV on a sounds of Kanye West and with help of Michael Dibblee on logo design.

March 11, 2011

Tendril | Manifesto Fragments Part 1

Manifesto Fragments Part 1 from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

"In January 2010, we sat together in earnest to look back at years of working together. We wanted to rediscover our inspirations for getting into the industry and identify the things that were killing our inspiration. We talked about what stories we had to tell and what emotions we wanted people to feel. We all agreed that our best work had yet to be conceived. Out of that conversation was born the idea of creating a visual manifesto. Each statement in this manifesto is a short work that stands on its own, but together the collection of works will form a vision of who we are and where our passions lie. Each of the works is also conceived and led by one of the artists on our team, who pitches it to the group. The work is then executed with the support of the entire studio.

The first of these works, entitled 'SEED' is now complete. Our longtime collaborator John Black of Cypheraudio: worked closely with us early on in the process to help establish the mood of the piece. As the visuals evolved, so too did the sound, going through several re-inventions before settling on the final. Please Check back to this page for more installments in this series of works!"

Jacob Gilbreath | Kinetic Typography

Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

This Kinetic Typography project by Jacob Gilbreath was created from the dialogue of Conan O'Brien's final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this farewell address, he describes his feelings towards NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor allowing this dialogue to describe his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.

Tronic | 56 Leonard Herzog and Demeuron

56_Leonard_Herzog_and_Demeuron from TronicStudio on Vimeo.

tapped into their architecture backgrounds for the film they created for Herzog & de Meuron’s 57-story hi-rise residential tower in Tribeca. Combining a live action helicopter shoot with extensive CG modeling, the film shows the poetic beauty of how the building was conceived, beginning with the elements of each floor descending from the Manhattan sky and landing into place on top of the Anish Kapoor sculpture.

Alexander Gellner | One Minute Puberty

One Minute Puberty from bitteschö on Vimeo.

It was written & animated by Alexander Gellner while the track and sound design was Niklas a Kröger's delight. Inspired by a poem by Johannesson James Maratown.


March 9, 2011

Space Fence | Tracking Orbital Objects

We rely heavily on space for navigation, communication, and even health care research. Through Space Fence, the U.S. Air Force is significantly improving its space situational awareness to protect our satellites and astronauts from spinning debris and other orbital objects before disaster strikes.

March 8, 2011

Geminoid DK | Ultra Realistic Robot Clone

The 'Germinoid DK' robot is part of the Germinoid series of ultra realistic androids from Kokoro, Tokyo and Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University, Japan. Constructed as a clone of Henrik Scharfe from Aalborg University in Denmark, the robot's movements and facial expressions are controlled via a pc based motion capture system that tracks facial expressions and head movements. It will be used for research into 'emotional affordances' in human/robot interaction, as well as to gauge the cultural differences in the perception of robots.

Balteco | Super Sonic

Imagine people dancing on the typical Brand sonic signature - This is how far this initiative developed from the most typical brand brief to create a sonic signature.

Marcel | Repetto Interactive

Repetto - Vitrine interactive from Marcel on Vimeo.

is a communication and advertising agency from Paris, and this is is one of their finest works.

Zak-Fx | Black Liquid

Black Liquid from Zak-fx on Vimeo.

Here is the work of Dmitry Zakharov from Koln, that not only does motion-graphics, but animation, video, graphic design and live performances.

March 4, 2011

Gilette | Worlds Biggest Shave

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter's chiselled chops are shaved in real-time whilst covering the entire wall of a building in New York's SoHo district. The idea was developed by BBDO New York for its Gillette client while billboard painters are from Colossal Media (with over 45 years' experience between them.

Dima Grubin | Metamaterial

Metamaterial from Dima Grubin on Vimeo.

Metamaterials are artificial materials engineered to have properties that may not be found in nature that are put in life by Dima Grubin from Minsk.

Apple | iPad 2

March 3, 2011

Under Armour | E39

"Julio Jones: UA E39" from Shilo on Vimeo.

Under Armour recently introduced the world's most innovative athletic evaluation improvement tool, stating "It's not a smart shirt. It's genius." Beginning last Thursday and running through today, more than 300 top prospects for the 2011 NFL Draft are participating at the NFL Scouting Combine in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Dozens of prospects, including Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton and Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones have been wearing the Under Armour E39 compression shirt during their workouts. It weighs less than 4.5 ounces (127g) and is made from the same material as the rest of the company's compression-based apparel. TVC production is by Shilo and ideation by WMIG led by CD Andre Stringer.

Javi Devitt | Holiday in Brazil

Ferias no Brasil from Javi Devitt on Vimeo.

Here is a bit of hot'n'fun sun action, something that we didn't see here this summer in Melbourne. So let's just enjoy it like we were in Brazil.

Ce Loo Green | Bodies

Cee Lo Green - Bodies VIDEO directed by Mikael Colombu from Mikael Colombu on Vimeo.

Video for Cee Lo Green's Bodies motion picture by Mikael Colombu Films. Featuring Cee Lo Green, Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae, and Karl Lagerfeld.

March 1, 2011

Motiphe | Between Two Points

Between Two Points from motiphe on Vimeo.

The Glitch Mob ft. Swan - Between Two Points
A tale about the weight of dependency. Direction & Production is by Motiphe.

Orelha Negra | M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils aka Alexandre Farto

Orelha Negra - M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils aka Alexandre Farto from Vhils on Vimeo.

When Vhils and Orelha Negra collaborate it always results in creation and fire. Great new technique to make murals these days. Top video!

Immaterials | Light painting WiFi

This project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs.

A four-metre long measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals cross-sections through WiFi networks using a photographic technique called light-painting.

SHOOT THE BOSS | Romance In Plastic Minor

Romance In Plastic Minor from SHOOT THE BOSS on Vimeo.

Here is the full list of credits:

Director: Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Character design: Koralie & Supakitch
DOP: "Meka" T. Desiront
Scenario: Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Art Direction: Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha / "Meka" T. Desiront
Editing: Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Storyboard: Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Animation: Adrien jaillet, Grégoire Peyrot
Compositing: Frédéric Henry, Thomas Lefebvre
Music: D.L.I.D: Phoenix "1901" remix
Graphic design: "Meka" T. Desiront
Producer: Xavier Fauthoux (Shoot The Boss)

Actors: Elodie Partenay, Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha
Making off: "Meka" T. Desiront, Alexandre "Osmoze" Brakha

Daft Coke | Coca Cola inspired by Daft Punk

Produced in two distinctive colorways based on Daft Punk mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles will see a limited production run beginning in March 2011. In addition to the general release at clubs, the bottles will be packaged in a collector’s box as a set, made available exclusively through Colette in Paris. Further information on this project will become available through, which goes live in a few months.

Ronaldo Tozzi Reel 2011

Ronaldo Tozzi Reel 2011 from Ronaldo Tozzi on Vimeo.

Here is amazing showreel from young Brazilian Ronaldo Tozzi. Ronaldo is a motion designer working in after effects, softimage, 3d studio max.

Alex Wolfe + Honray Lin | Kinect Flock - Particles + xBox Kinect

Kinect Flock | Particles + xBox Kinect by Alex Wolfe + Honray Lin from Alex Wolfe on Vimeo.

Kinect Flock is a quick app we wrote using the user tracking and depth mapping abilities of the XBox Kinect for Golan Levin's Interactive art + Computational design studio.

We created a particle system that exhibits flocking/swarming behavior when the user is moving, and flocks to and fills out the user's silhouette when they are standing still. As a result we have a simulation that ebbs and flows between the recognizable and the abstract.

Built using Cinder + OpenNI + NITE + Xbox Kinect

SomeofmyWork™| Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting

Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting from SomeofmyWork™ on Vimeo.

SomeofmyWork™ have created great type animation in AE from vector images for Bruntwood client. If you a play writer you can submit your script here, there is 97 days left to go!

David Dalmazzo | Dazzled Project

Dazzled Project from David Dalmazzo on Vimeo.

David Dalmazzo is testing some visuals with Cinder software and audio was made made in MaxMSP.