November 4, 2010

The Rolling Stones | Plundered My Soul

The Rolling Stones "Plundered My Soul" Music Video - Directed by Jonas Odell from FilmTecknarna on Vimeo.

FilmTecknarna director Jonas Odell pulled from Rolling Stones archival footage to create this animated collage music video. The track is taken from the Stones classic album Exile on Main St., which is to be reissued next month, supplemented by ten previously unheard songs. The movement of the camera becomes part of the choreography of the video, as it slows during the quieter parts of the song and picks up speed as the track gathers intensity. As the song builds Jonas plays around within the format of the collage with the various images forming patterns and introducing depth moves to let the camera truck into one image to reveal another set of images at the end.

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