June 27, 2010


Monki from Simon Rudholm on Vimeo.

Fashion, design, animation and Phantom camera to capture the slow motion. Directed by Ensrettet Linnea and Daniel.

Pilot Handwriting

Write by hand on your computer! Go to www.pilothandwriting.com, turn your handwriting into a digital font and send handwritten e-mails to your friends.

Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 Bid introduces the designs for the first five proposed stadiums. The stadiums in the video are: Al-Wakrah, Al-Shamal, Al-Gharafa, Al-Khor and Al-Rayyan.

June 25, 2010

OGILVY & MATHER | Believe The Type Exhibition

OGILVY & MATHER 'Believe The Type Exhibition' from UFO on Vimeo.

Great execution of Love word in 3D!



Track / Dead Famous
Artist / Diagram of the Heart
Director / FX Pourre and Vincent Viriot @ UFO
Production / UFO
Label / Sony Music Entertainment
Commissioner / Claire Stubbs
Producer / Rebecca Rice and Guillaume Marien
Post Production / Mathematic

Nike | Chalkbot

Chalking the roads is a Tour de France tradition. Spectators write messages of encouragement to their favorite riders. The Nike Chalkbot was a way to take this positive message even further. It brought the roads of France to everyone. By sending a message to the Chalkbot through SMS, web banners, Twitter or WearYellow.com, people around the world were able to make their mark in yellow. Over the course of a month, the Chalkbot gained over 4,000 followers on Twitter, received over 36,000 messages and printed thousands of them over 13 stages of the Tour de France. By Weiden+Kennedy.

Back To The Future | New Zealand

Voted one of the worlds most exciting new inventions, the Martin jetpack wouldn't look out of place in a James Bond film. But lack of funds might prevent it from soaring to new heights.

For more info go to: martinjetpack.com

June 24, 2010

Nike | Write the Future

Each night the skyscraper comes to life through vibrant LED lights, highlighting who writes the future.

And you get to decide who makes it onto the big screen.

Using the Twitter hashtag #NikeFuture or the Facebook app send in your headline for the day's biggest playmaker.

If selected, we'll send you a photo of your headline and hero lighting up the African skyline.

Submit your headline: http://go.nike.com/WhoWillWriteTheFuture

Danish Pavilion | Expo 2010


We reintroduce the bicycle in Shanghai as a symbol of modern lifestyle and sustainable urban development. The Danish Pavilion and the entire exhibition can be experienced on Danish designed city bikes that are free for the guests to use. The building is designed as a double spiral with pedestrian and cycle lanes taking you from the ground and through curves up to a level of 12 meters and down again. In this way you can experience the Danish exhibition both inside and outside at two speeds – as calm stroll with time to absorb the surroundings or as a bicycle trip, where the city and city life drift past.

Multi-touch for Cinema

So touch Presentation MT player is a very graphic and intuitive interface allowing you or your clients to manipulate JPGs, PNGs and GIFs images formats as well as FLV video formats with natural multi-touch gestures. So touch Presentation MT comes with 3 different general views (carrousel, grid and 3D), a zoom mode, a full-screen mode, an integrated FLV player as well as an annotation tool allowing you to annotate both images and videos.

for more information visit u-touch.co.uk

Image 1MD Showreel 2010

1MD Showreel 2010 from 1MD on Vimeo.

What would you do with 1MD - One Million Dollars? This is their first showreel, an overview of what they did during the past year.

June 21, 2010

Ikea | Make the World Play More!

Playreport is a global research project on children, families and play, initiated by IKEA. We've conducted 11,000 interviews in 25 countries. We spoke to 8,000 parents and 3,000 children aged 7-12. Discover the results, share your thoughts and ideas. Let's make the world play more!


Cannes Predictions 2010

There is a couple and I have posted many more last year that are running for a gold Lion. To check them all please go to: cannespredictions.sk/screening_public.php?lang=en

Süperfad Agency Spotlight

American Express "Forest" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Wawa "Hoagiebus" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Sundance "Best Cigarette" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Nintendo "Planets" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

eTrade "Anthem" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Sprint "MBB" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Adidas "F50" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Fox "MLB" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

HTC "People Centric Hero USA" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

American Airlines "How I Fly" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Playstation 3 "Universe of Entertainment" from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Born Ruffians | What to Say

Born Ruffians - What to Say (HD) from Jared Raab on Vimeo.

Working with artist/computer programmer Rob Bairos, the video was recorded entirely off of a vintage oscilloscope. Oscilloscopes are used for viewing voltages, primarily in the sciences, medicine, engineering, telecommunications and industry. Though other people have reprogrammed oscilloscopes to display images in the past, the “video to scope” process used in this video is the first of its kind. The images you see are made up of a single point of light, moving quickly across a screen in order to draw shapes – that means the entire Born Ruffians video for “What to Say” displays vector images made from only one continuous line. The footage was shot once on video, edited, converted for use on the oscilloscope (using a live visuals program called TouchDesigner) and then shot again directly off the vintage machine.

New London Bus for 2012

The New Bus for London is inspired by the much-loved Routemaster and will use the latest green technology when it launches in 2012.

The New Bus for London will meet London Buses' requirements for vehicles in public service in London, including high standards of accessibility, safety and emissions abatement. In addition, it will be more durable, more fuel efficient and better ventilated. The bus will incorporate a double-deck and a platform at the rear near-side corner, so passengers will be able to get on and off easily.


Qfund from Heerko Groefsema on Vimeo.

In cooperation with advertising agency Categorie1.com Heerko Groefsema created this animation for Questore. The story is told in an abstract and metaphoric way. Simple forms are used to symbolize certain aspects of investments. They purple/magenta object can be seen as the investment. This investment gets eaten by a black blob which represents the so called 'black box' etc.

Swarm Light

'Swarm Light' by rAndom International / Design Miami / Art Basel 2010 from rAndom International on Vimeo.

The ‘Swarm Light‘ is an experimental light installation with a real ‚collective consciousness’ that subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence. The installation is a contemporary example of how the arbitrary boundaries of fine and decorative art, design and utility are no longer of immediate aesthetic relevance. An apparently inanimate object, ‘Swarm‘ unites crucial aspects of rAndom international‘s continued experimentation with light, behavioural responses and interactive spatial environments.


STUFF & THINGS. from Jack Cunningham on Vimeo.

A film i made for a University project by Jack Cunningham.

Urban Drive

URBAN DIVE from Sonacom on Vimeo.

Future of the local research according to PagesJaunes!
PagesJaunes Group entrusted Sonacom to bring the realization of their UrbanDive future.

Preguntas Hermosas

Preguntas Hermosas from Süperfad on Vimeo.

"Preguntas Hermosas" is a story about a time that was shared between two people, told through a combination of "Poema X" by Pablo Neruda and "Under the Harvest Moon" by Carl Sandburg. It unfolds in three parts; a fond remembrance, loss, and then finally acceptance.

Animax Branding

A video production and a work on the brand image for the international chain Animax. An excellent design between catches of real sights and animations 2D/3D, on an identity logo of Mocean. One made dynamic by the Superestudio studio, installed in Buenos Aires.

June 20, 2010


AES+F is a group of four Russian artists: Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky, and Vladimir Fridkes who work in photography, video, sculpture, and mixed media. This installation was featured on Biennale of Sydney where I saw it and it is mindblowing!

June 18, 2010

YouTube | Play

YouTube Play is a collaboration between YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum to unearth and showcase the very best creative video from around the world. To have your work considered, simply post it on YouTube, and then submit it at youtube.com/play.

A jury of experts will decide which works presented at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York on October 21, 2010 with simultaneous presentations at the Guggenheim museums in Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice. The videos will be on view to the public from October 22 through 24 in New York and on the YouTube Play channel.

Submissions close July 31, 2010.

Star Wars | The Old Republic

The New CGI Trailer For Star Wars: The Old Republic game looks too realistic.


SPA from deKo.LT on Vimeo.

Intro animation for spasana.lt website was created with 3dsmax (FumeFX, Krakatoa, VRay) and Digital Fusion.

June 16, 2010

Augmented Shadows

Augmented Shadow_document from Joon Y Moon on Vimeo.

Augmented Shadow, by Joon Moon, 2010. used openframeworks. It's a tabletop interface on where artificial shadows of tangible objects displayed. You can play with the shadows lying on the boundary between the real, virtual, and fantasy.

Plastikman Live


Richie Hawtin pressente PLASTIKMAN Live @ WELOVEART, Paris
Samedi 8 Mai 2010, Grande Halle de la Villette.

June 8, 2010

Skoda | Remote Boot

Simple and yet smart idea with a clever media buying on Polish TV networks made this ad brilliant. Give it a gold Lion!

Menno Fokma Reel

Menno Fokma / Reel 2010 from Menno Fokma on Vimeo.

Abstracted reality is the art direction of Menno Fokma, which he achieves by creating his own worlds and terrains that come to life.

iPhone 4

The biggest leap for iPhone since it's invention in 2007. iPhone 4!

June 7, 2010


TENDRIL / 2010 Reel from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

Please note that Chris and Alexandre's (founders of Tendril) past directing careers include work with creative collective Nakd (in Toronto) as well as ongoing collaboration with world renowned studio Bruce Mau Design. As such, some of the work in Tendril's portfolio may reflect experiences at these respective places.

Sapporo | Legendary Biru

This tvc just goes on and on... I had to watch it again! Co-directed by Mark Zibert and Gary Thomas, “Legendary Biru” was shot in four weeks and the result is stunning story behind the legenrady Saporo beer.

Samsung | Shakedown

Shake it like a mobile phone! Get it over the line and it's yours. Simple rules and great campaign.

Lumix G2

New exploding campaign for Lumix G2 by Proximity BBDO.

Eye Writer

The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

The EyeWriter project is an ongoing collaborative research effort to empower people who are suffering from ALS with creative technologies.

It is a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus & custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to draw using only their eyes.

Find more at: eyewriter.org

June 4, 2010

A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan | Hayaku

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

Brad Kremer loves Japan. He shot this in many locations around Japan in the summer of 2009. Some of the location include Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu, and Ishizushisan. Enjoy!

Metaio | YOUReality

The Internet changed how people shop. Now, YOUReality LLC and metaio Inc. are changing how people will shop online. With the introduction of its Online Retail Visualization 3D tool, YOUReality is making it possible for consumers to see products in their own space before they purchase them by integrating Augmented Reality into a suite of commerce applications. The new services allow shoppers to make more confident buying decisions, deliver retailers a higher sales conversion rate, and significantly lower product return costs.

Go to: metaio.com

Metaio | Junaio Glue

MUNICH / ZURICH / SAN FRANCISCO, June 1st, 2010 - metaio`s exciting new "augmented reality" browser junaio® has extended its capabilities beyond the usual location based internet services. Not only may the user obtain information on nearby POIs such as shops, restaurants or train stations, but the camera`s eye is now able to identify objects and "glue" object specific real-time, dynamic, social and 3D information onto the object itself. This unique feature is now being extended through collaboration with kooaba and its visual object search capability, providing access to kooaba`s extensive object databases. Initially available on Android, an iPhone release will follow soon.

Go to: junaio.com

Where’s My Welly? Glastonbury?

Orange’s brand new online ticket giveaway for 2010 launches at www.orange.co.uk/glastonbury today and will run until 9 June. Visitors to the site can win tickets to Glastonbury each day by finding the orange welly in a crowd shot from one of the past Glastonbury Festivals. Signs in the crowd will give tips and pointers to players when they zoom in. At the end of each day, all those who find the welly will be put into a prize draw from which the winner will be picked at random.

By Poke London.

Ultimate Football Men Cave

The Viral Factory has created a nice campaign for Best Buy UK (www.bestbuy.co.uk) called the “Ultimate Football Men Cave” for watching England playing this summer.

The cave has got all a man need to stay home and watch football matches but...Well the cave misses something.

Viewers will be asked to post in the comments what they think can be added to the cave, and the user that will post the Best answer will receive everything in the list of things we have put in the man cave in time for the start of the World Cup.

The Viral Factory London theviralfactory.com

June 3, 2010

Gravilux, Bubble Harp and Antograph

Artist Scott Snibbe's three gorgeously captivating apps for iPads and iPhones. Get creative with your touch pads!

Gabriel Rocha Reel 2010

GR Reel 2010 from Gabriel Rocha on Vimeo.

Latest reel from brazilian motion guru Gabriel Rocha. More info at: gabrielrocha.com

Kylie | All The Lovers

All The Lovers is released 13th June on Digital Download, and 28th June on 2xCD & 7" Picture Disc Vinyl!

Taken from the fantastic forthcoming album Aphrodite, released July 5th on CD, Digital Download, CD+DVD+Online Experience Edition & 12" Vinyl.

June 1, 2010


“There’s no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as one’s own” concept developed by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong.

Blur Viral

"We painted this mural in Hackney, East London showing what might happen if two cars from the new BLUR commercial crashed. It took 3 days and was a lot of fun. We also painted similar murals in Berlin and Madrid."

BMW | Joy

BMW Asia has appointed Publicis to make a spectacle by transforming busy Singapore business district into performance theater. Witness Joy coming alive at Suntec City, Towers 2 & 3.