April 29, 2011

T-Mobile | Royal Wedding

Watch the wedding entrance dance to top all wedding entrance dances. T-Mobile's Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17! T-Mobile wishes William and Kate a long and happy marriage.

Renault | Facebook to the AutoRAI with RFID

Sharing your offline experience directly with your online friends.

Renault made it possible. By bringing the world of Facebook into the real world of the AutoRAI 2011. For the Amsterdam Motorshow we've created an innovative and real-time social sharing experience. At the largest automotive event of The Netherlands, 250.000 visitors could like Renault cars through a RFID Facebook card.

We placed specially made Facebook pillars in front of the Renault cars. By holding their pass in front of these pillars, a connection was made to their profile and the car was being "shared" on their wall. This way their offline car experience had been shared with their online friends.

At the Renault stand, car fans got a free card.
With this pass, visitors were able to login to their Facebook profile. Since the pass held a RFID-microchip which stored their username and password, it automatically became their Facebook connect card. Ready to LIKE one of the Renault cars at the AutoRAI.

Simple, innovative and fun.

Claudio Salas | Showreel

Claudio Salas is a young and talented visual artist from Buck.tv

Imaginary Forces | Showreel 2011

Imaginary forces have a new montage for Spring 2011! For this one, they asked calligraffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman to "tag" their name! Edited by their own super diva Danielle White!

April 27, 2011

Mark Linder | Showreel

Mark Linder is a motion graphic designer currently working in London.

Joao Rema | Showreel 2010

Joao Rema is talented 3D artist currently working at Buck in Los Angeles.

April 25, 2011

Radium Audio | Radiumphonic Workshop

This is a taste of The Radiumphonic Workshop.. the sound lab owned and operated by Radium Audio. Radium Audio shares a ultra rare glimpse of how they work, the machines, people and approach they have to sound which is obsessive and deep..

The lions we recorded in Africa for the new MGM global identity which they will reveal on highlyevolvedsound.com

April 18, 2011

Big Boom | Lumi

Lumi discovers his world for the first time. He looks up the sky and gets touched by the stars. Then, everything goes dark and suddenly appears GriGro, a strange being that grows out of control in the absence of light. Created by the Big Boom.

Dilshan Arukatti | The Rhythm of Spacetime

This is the video used as a background theme for The Bullitt Agency website which is a full service booking Agency for the top international DJs and Producers. Really great site with quality content and the worlds best DJs nd producers.

Roman Ruetten | HTC Sensation - Reveal (directors cut)

HTC Sensation is more than just a normal phone. And instead of showing the phone first and then what you can do we descide to go the opposite way with reverse story telling. We show first one of the key features like the great audio experience. We show how the HTC is influencing this world. Until we see an explosion of beautiness and a wonderful soundsculpture. Untill we see the ultimate sound sculpture the HTC sensation

The liquid itself symbolize the different multimedia faces of this phone. Its flexible enough to take every shape that you need according to your demands.

Onur Senturk | OFFF 2011 Year Zero

Onur Senturk studied traditional painting and figure drawing followed by a traditional animation degree as his BFA. He took part in several international and national collaborative exhibitions with works in both print and time-based media. He designed and animated

“Triangle ” which is awarded twice by Vimeo as best motion graphics and “ Nokta . ” which received honorary mention from Ars Electronica in Computer Animation/ Film /VFX category. He has been featured in many national and international magazines,newspapers, events, such as Onedotzero, Stash, Computer Arts, Freemote Born Digital and Motionographer with interviews, presentations, articles and showcases both online and published. Onur currently works as a designer at Prologue Films lives in Los Angeles, California.

Yasuhiro Kobari | Voyage Group Visual Id

Director Yasuhiro Kobari has created stunning and elegant visual id for the Voyage Group.

Syzygy | GOAB. A TV Experience Concept

New technical possibilities are the mainspring of the today's television. The needs of the viewers seem secondary.

Today, watching tv can mean a lot of things: TV via Internet, web content via TV, video on demand, IPTV, cable, satellite, DVB-T, mobile television, etc.

But, how do we want to watch tv in the future?

In the last few weeks we put together our thoughts and developed a TV experience concept. With GOAB we take the latest trends, bring the loose ends together, develop established ideas further and develop new concepts to provide a possible answer to the question: How do we want to watch television in the future?

April 16, 2011

Saatchi&Saatchi | Moby - Hello Future

The Brief

This year, as part of The Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Saatchi & Saatchi partners with Vimeo and Moby to discover yet another unique filmmaking talent, with a Music Video Challenge.

The brief is simple: interpret and bring to life the idea of 'Hello, Future' in the form of a fantastic music video for one of Moby's tracks from his new album, 'Destroyed'.

The winner will be announced and their video screened at this year's New Directors' Showcase in Cannes, as well as on the Vimeo site.

Historically, many featured directors in the Showcase have gone on to seriously successful careers: Tarsem, Michel Gondry, Mark Romanek, Spike Jonze, Ivan Zacharias, Kinka Usher, Danny Kleinman and Jonathan Glazer included.

No pressure.

Submission deadline: midnight EST May 9, 2011
Winner announcement: 10.00 EST June 23, 2011

Download tunes here!

April 15, 2011

Hyundai Accent | 3D Projection Mapping

It took a lot of work and hours to get this happen, but it was worth it.

VJ Anyone | Leftfield 2010 The making of

VJ Anyone aka Oli Sorenson, a Canadian Living in UK for over 10 years have recently established Ne1co.co.uk and has been doing video production for the liks of M.I.A., AboveAndBeyond, Global Gathering, Sneakerpedia, Stanton Warriors to name a few.

April 13, 2011

E-Motion Demo Reel '11

Handel Eugene is design student specializing in motion graphics at Full Sail University in Orlando Fl. He does a bit of everything media related and has a strong passion for motion design.

Leviathan | Marquee Nightclub

Matt Daly of Chicago's Leviathan and VSL's Bryant Place were the lead developers in creating the audio/video DJ FX app providing real-time control over the new Marquee media system and its generative, audio reactive computer graphics, just as they were for a similarly high-profile and mesmerizing project application in 2010 for Heineken, which was also produced by VSL for Corso Communications.

"Matt is a long-time colleague and collaborator of mine, and last year, when we wanted to create a real-time VJ tool to support a custom 360 visual performance system for Heineken's Inspire activations at live events, I got him involved," said Virkhaus. "For that project, Matt recommended TouchDesigner very strongly, and since then, we've all become completely obsessed with the software. The solution for Heineken incorporated multiple real-time HD video inputs, routed as a digital switcher with globally operable transfer modes. On top of it being the ultimate video router, we also incorporated the generative front end in real-time."

April 11, 2011

Laundry Showreel

Laundry Reel 2011 from Laundry! on Vimeo.

Laundry is Los Angeles based creative studio. Work says it all.

April 9, 2011

Leviathan | Museum of Science and Industry

The principals of design-focused production studio Leviathan are very proud to announce the debut of their collaborations with executives from integrated marketing communications agency Hoffman York in Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI). Two new :30 broadcast spots created by Leviathan recently began airing through targeted local cable, broadcast and online media placements, including "Science Rules!" which debuted this week.

April 7, 2011

In The Not So Linear Universe | Visualist

A.Visualist Trailer from In The Not So Linear Universe on Vimeo.

As the idea grows from doing analytic reportage between what is beautiful and purposeful. Music and the visuals are the continuity of this new cultures. From being in cities like New York, Tokyo and London. These are the visualists, the natural born scala of the lightings, the visual effects, the parties, and sound. If not for the organizers and musicians/VJ all having to take a part to play in the film.

blablabLAB | Be Your Own Souvenir!

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

This proposal aims to connect street users, arts and science, linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities. The installation was enjoyed during two weekends in January 2011 by the tourists, neighbours of La Rambla and citizens of Barcelona, a city that faces a trade-off between identity and gentrification, economic sustainability and economic growth. By Blablabla Lab.

April 6, 2011

Mini | Rocketman Concept

Mini - Rocketman Concept from PostPanic on Vimeo.

Director Mischa Rozema returns with another trademark visually unique mixed media film, combining live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects.

BSUR approached PostPanic to help them create an extra special product launch film to match the distinctive new MINI Rocketman concept. Most staggering is that the whole production took just 4 weeks from start to finish, including two studio shoots in Amsterdam and Munich.

April 5, 2011

Dark Matters | Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon

Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon from Dark Matters on Vimeo.

On their quest for creating classic computer effects without the computer, Dark Matters continues the analogue feel from the "Matter" video. The new Kenton Slash Demon video, Deamon is the take on analogue wireframes in the same naive universe. An abstract space opera about loadscreens based on Strings and nails.

Francis Cutter & Vincent Nguyen | Welcome to Fontevraud

Welcome to Fontevraud from Francis Cutter & Vincent Nguyen on Vimeo.

Fontevraud Abbey is a religious building hosting a cultural centre and situated in the Loire Valley (France), an Unesco World Heritage Site. Today the Fontevraud Abbey invite young artists to reappropriate this historical place through their discipline.

Directed by Francis Cutter & Vincent Nguyen at Ensad 2011
Choregraphy by Nick Mukoko
Music & Sound design by Nodey, Omar Tryana and Vincent Nguyen

April 4, 2011

WoodKid | Iron

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Woodkid will undoubtedly be the first surprise of 2011. An unexpected arrival far from the manufactured buzz.

The young man, aged 28, has come with an EP of raw beauty, Iron. Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine, previously known for his career as a video director without fault (Yelle, Moby and more recently Katy Perry for "Teenage Dream").

The legend says that on a shoot in the USA, Woodkid received, straight from the hands of great American guitarist Richie Havens, a banjo that immediately replaced his piano, at least for a while. Without neglecting the videos (or film, which is part of projects), Woodkid decided to devote himself to music. Indeed, Yoann Lemoine made the video of Iron himself , which features Top Model Agyness Deyn.

The four tracks (plus two remixes of Iron by the English Mystery Jets and Gucci Vump, the duo of Brodinski and Guillaume Briere The Shoes), opens by the eponymous Iron, epic pop with a powerful mounted symphony, this first EP Woodkid (produced by Woodkid, Julien
Delfaud and Benjamin Lebeau also from The Shoes) immediately announces the influences of the young man.

We walk with the shadow of Antony and The Johnsons, Woodkid and Anthony could be kindred spirits of the voice. We can also hear the pretty folk influences of New York ("my heart belongs to Brooklyn, "sings Woodkid on the second track on the disc) and a melodic brilliance that leaves more than a glimpse of the song writing talent of Lemoine (which could flirt somewhere between Neil Hannon and Bonnie Prince Billy).

With ‘Iron’ we discover a universe of fragile grace. Four original songs, Iron, Brooklyn, Baltimore's Fireflies and Wasteland sometimes written on guitar, sometimes on piano, always with disconcerting ease, after one listen we are made feel like we are witnessing the creation of these wonderful stories with Woodkid himself.

Woodkid currently working on his album which includes some surprising collaborations ...

View | Showreel 2011

VIEW SHOWREEL 2011 from VIEW on Vimeo.

VIEW is a French design agency for motion graphics & broadcast design with in-house production. Based on strategic branding and development research View creates strong visual identities for TV networks and astonishing films for the advertising agencies. This is their latest showreel.