February 28, 2011

Racing Victoria | Melbourne Festival of Racing

Melbourne Festival of Racing campaign for Racing Victoria was developed by Australian agency on the rise - the Flash Group, who is currently undergoing a big makeover and change of name. This is a unique campaign that unifies all racecourses in Victoria for the first time in their history under umbrella of Melbourne Festival of Racing. The original concept was developed by CD John Hillier and visualised by AD George Hedon. For more information please go to 4seasons1000reasons website.

February 26, 2011

Apple Mac OS X Lion Preview

Mac OS X Lion. The power of Mac OS X. The magic of iPad. Here’s a preview of some of the top features.

February 24, 2011

Levis | Rear View Girls in Los Angeles

We are Jessie & Reanin. Our hidden camera will show you fellas and ladies how sly you aren't. The spot, from Colenso BBDO shot by its creative Jae Morrison, has already racked up 6.9 million views over the weekend. NZ Marketing magazine revealed it was picked to promote Levi's Curve ID range of jeans.

Is this for real? Yes.
Can I have your number? No.
What's that song? Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank
Will you be do another video in my town? Maybe. Hit us up on twitter.
What kind of accent is that? We are Kiwis (New Zealanders), sexy right?
Are you single? For you? no.

Vellas | Top Destinos

Top Destinos from Vellas on Vimeo.

Almap BBDO from Brazil created this interesting animation story about money for Top Destinos. Isn't it a bit wierd? Your money in paradise while you're here?

Etapes | Open Project for iPad

open projects ipad from Etapes on Vimeo.

Open Projects - Non standard identities, first digital book from PYRAMYD EDITIONS, represents a real phenomenon in the world of interaction and digital publications.

The application is a stroll to the heart of contemporary design, from Amsterdam to Montreal.

It presents flexible and open projects in which the general public often plays an active part. Many fields are concerned such : typeface design, viral communication, interactive exhibitions and many more…

Based on the notion of interaction itself, Open Projects is aimed at a wide range of design professionals and design lovers. It invites them to discover innovative projects via an exciting journey, full of surprises : texts, pictures, but also animations, videos, audio files and embedded websites.

February 23, 2011

Jim Beam | "Bold Choices" Cultural Movement

Jim Beam "Bold Choices" Cultural Movement from StrawberryFrog on Vimeo.

One of America's most iconic brands, Jim Beam, is sparking a cultural movement for bold choices. Because the bold choices we make, make us. The question is, which “us” will we choose? In the anthem for Jim Beam created by Strawberry Frog and filmed by Director Dante Ariola, Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe sparks our movement by pondering that exact question.

In this film, a young Dafoe is at a crossroads, faced with a choice. To boldly leave his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, and head for the bright lights and long odds of an acting career in New York City, or stay put, and let fate play a leading role in deciding his future.

As he reflects on his decision, we explore the many futures that could have been – factory foreman, chess champion, aging punk, even sumo wrestler - but as Dafoe notes, in the end, there is really only one choice.

“All choices lead you somewhere,” Dafoe notes. ”Bold choices take you where you’re supposed to be.”

Corning | A Day Made of Glass

The video is called "A Day Made of Glass" and shows people's routines in a future not yet defined, but may be closer than you think. The major focus is on usability, since the devices must integrate seamlessly with the everyday life at home, at work and at leisure.

Interestingly, according to the Corning company, touchscreens devices will be part of life not only in computers but also on mobile phones, mirrors, windows, stoves, outdoors and more.

Another highlight of the video are flexible displays, which take the place of rigid screens in paper presentations and digital media players. The vision of Corning also shows that the TVs with the Gorilla Glass will continue to follow the trend of 3D, increasingly providing the feeling of being at the movies in the comfort of your home.

To complete, future not only looks simplified, modern and minimal but it's also well integrated with a social media and internet. If it's to believe to Corning that the near future is in integration of glass and technology, digital advertising is the way to go. Beam me up Scottie!

Diesel | Island

“Diesel Island – Land of the Stupid, home of the brave“.

Join the movement and become a citizen at: diesel.com/island

Mr.Beam | Living Room Projection

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

Mr.Beam created a unique physical 3D video-mapping experience by turing a white living room into a spacious 360° projection area.

IMB | Watson

Preparing Watson for the Jeopardy! stage posed a unique challenge to the team: how to represent a system of 90 servers and hundreds of custom algorithms for the viewing public. IBM, in collaboration with a team of partners, created a representation of this computing system for the viewing audience -- from its stage presence to its voice.

Visit ibmwatson.com for more information.

Dante Nou 2011 Showreel

Dante Nou 2011 showreel from DANTE NOU on Vimeo.

Dante is extraordinary music/ visual artist from Adelaide - Australia and this is his Showreel.

February 18, 2011

Radium Audio | Sound Design Reel 2011

Radium Audio - Sound Design Reel 2011 from Radium Audio Ltd on Vimeo.

Radium's sounds come from objects they record and they have created a software for their sound design. Radium is at the beginning of a sound revolution and opensource software allows them to realise their creative dreams.

Lovett | Eye of the Storm

EYE OF THE STORM | Lovett from Lovett on Vimeo.

Amazing video animation presentation directed by Chris Alender and produced by Kris Eber for Soapbox Filmssong by Lovett called "Eye of the storm". Full album available on March 15 2011, but you can download a song from Highway Collection free at lovettmusic.com

FI | HTC Sense

HTC Sense by Fi from Fantasy Interactive on Vimeo.

As some of you may know, Fantasy Interactive (FI) became the DAOR (Digital Agency of Record) globally for HTC late last year. One of the first projects that FI have created together is called "HTC Sense" which is now live on their current international site. Take a look at the result: htc.com

February 17, 2011

Clemento | Macro Kingdom Trilogy

macro kingdom from clemento on Vimeo.

macro kingdom II from clemento on Vimeo.

macro kingdom III from clemento on Vimeo.

The minute is a special place, unseen microcosms within a unseen universe bind us together. Our creative vision is to continue our conversation with the Macro Kingdom.. an ongoing poem in the tradition of the two previous films.

So, what is it about the scaled down infinate? certainly not unappreciable.. as you can see and hear.. we bring to life, forms, shapes, ideas.. We bring to life your attention... This regal landscape of atomic proportion.

The sounds, created from found objects, the camera capturing moments in detail too easy to ignore. Brought to your attention by Clemens Wirth, and crafted sonically by Radium Audio.. creators of detail - enhanced listening experts.

Ben Reubold

SOLAR from Ben Reubold on Vimeo.

Drone 23 from Ben Reubold on Vimeo.

Surrealism from Ben Reubold on Vimeo.

Vortex from Ben Reubold on Vimeo.

German based visual artist Ben Reubold has a series of galactic video animations from the worlds he created. Have a look at Solar, Drone 23, Surrealism and Vortex.

Moullinex | Catalina

Moullinex - Catalina from Moullinex on Vimeo.

Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records. Done with Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects.

Volvo | Art Session

On 9 February 2011, 10 popular artists will assume temporary ownership of a brand new white Volvo S60.

This will mark the start of a public work-in-progress art event spread over five days. Each artist will be allowed half a day. As the artists repeatedly paint, spray and remodel the vehicle, they will turn the Volvo into a creative work of art in the magnificent hall of Zurich main station. Artists include C-Line, Blackyard, DAIM, Nevercrew, Pius Portman....

Andreu Lucio FXTD Reel 2010

3d Generalist / FXTD Reel 2010 from andreu lucio on Vimeo.

Here is a showreel from last year, but still current, from talented Andreu Lucio from Spain. Andreu is wizard of software such as 3d Max, Maya, Houdini, Modo, Combustion, Nuke. Animation style of dinamics, expressions, maya mel and python had been present almost always are present in Andreu's work.

Pernlochner Florian | Schmiede Schlosserei

Pernlochner Florian - Schmiede Schlosserei from Wildruf on Vimeo.

Noncommercial supportproject for a local craftsman.

Urban Connections | Afroreggae

Urban Connections - Afroreggae from Felipe Vellasco on Vimeo.

Directed by Vellas & Laga. The animation was done for the agency F Nazca Saatchi Saatchi Brazil. The agency created the script, and Vellas & Laga, at Prodigo Films, have created the whole art direction and animation for Afroreggae.

February 15, 2011

LB | Earth Hour 2011

This is the 60 sec version of the official TVC for Earth Hour 2011.

This Earth Hour 2011: 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world, and add more to your Earth Hour.

From its inception as a single-city initiative - Sydney, Australia - in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2010 created history as the world's largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 128 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all - the planet.

Leviathan 2011 Reel

Leviathan Winter 2011 Reel from Leviathan on Vimeo.

Emerging, Design-Focused Production Studio Leviathan is Now Ready for Primetime.

Leviathan is a design-focused production studio specializing in the creation of large-scale visual experiences across all media. The emerging studio's leaders are champions of breakthrough design and branding who draw from experiences earned within the world's leading digital agencies, production companies, VFX and motion studios.

February 12, 2011

Aides | Graffiti

Graffiti willies and hoohoos in a proud tradition of naughty anti-AIDS spot from TBWA Paris for Aides. ECD - Eric Holden and Remi Noel.

February 11, 2011

Semi-Permanent 2010

Semi-Permanent Melbourne 2010 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

SP Sydney 2010 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2010 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

Semi-Permanent is a world leading design conference that to date has hosted 26 events in 9 cities, covering 5 countries, with 164 speakers and over 42,000 attendees. It covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interaction design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, and architecture, and much more.

Visual Jazz Showreel 2010

Visual Jazz is one of the Australia's leading digital creative agencies with offices all around the country with over 120 staff that are passionate for producing ground braking work.

North Kingdom | LG Good News Billboard Times Square

Behind the Scenes: LG Good News Billboard Times Square from North Kingdom on Vimeo.

On December 14th North Kingdom launched a Good News billboard in Times Square, where passersby could send an SMS to the board and our little character Gil would display the message and sometimes even a response... Gil also would "read" the news (an RSS feed of good news only) and display Tweets with the hashtag #lifeisgood, the weather, and positive messages which we called "Gilisms".

February 9, 2011

AKAMA | Raving Rabbits Travel in Time


AKAMA has been awarded with the BEST ADVERTISING AWARD for their Raving Rabbids "E3" film @ the IMAGINA '11 ceremony which took place in Monaco.

Konkreet | Performer

KONKREET PERFORMER is here! from Konkreet Labs on Vimeo.

Konkreet Performer is a music control and performance instrument for the iPad. Its unique and intuitive multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
 actions directly with the music. Use PERFORMER to play your Synth, operate your DAW, or anything that receives OSC or MIDI. Re-explore your favorite music software tools with a whole new way to search, find and perform your sound.

Available now in the app store!

Coke | Siege

COKE SIEGE superbowl 2011 from fxandmat on Vimeo.

Fx&Mat is extremely excited to present you the last film they directed, a superbowl film for coke. It took three months and a good team of talented artists to put up together such a challenging project. Production company was Nexus doing it for W+K. Enjoy!

February 8, 2011

Old Spice | Scent Vacation

W+K does it again for Old spice. Take your nose on a scent vacation full of fun memories and heart surprises.

February 7, 2011

BMW | Activate the Future

BMW has released a series of interactive web films on the future of transport called Wherever You Want To Go: The Future of Mobility.

Housed on BMW USA's website and uploaded to all good film sharing sites, the first episode, released on February 1st, is titled The New City and focuses on how modern city living is affecting how we travel around.

Onesize Showreel

Onesize Reel 2010 from Onesize on Vimeo.

Onesize is a Dutch, Amsterdam based creative studio, founded in 2001 by two creative partners. Focussing on (motion) graphics, animation, visual effects and live-action direction and production for film and television. It is in the combination of live-action, 3D, graphic design, sound design and music that we follow paths, which leads us to new opportunities in freshness and cutting the edge of design and concept.

Sebastian Neitsch | Interactive mapping at the Goethe Institut Barcelona

Interactive mapping at the Goethe Institut Barcelona from Sebastian Neitsch on Vimeo.

Simple audio-reactive installation in the entrance hall of the Goethe Institute in Barcelona built by Sebastian Neitsch. A microphone hanging from the ceiling picks up sound which gets transformed into graphics. Using VVVV with FFT.

Wikipedia | 10th Anniversary

Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary from Dean McNamee on Vimeo.

Installation for Wikipedia's official 10th anniversary party. Held at the Louise T Blouin Foundation in West London, the attendance included Jimmy Wales, Richard Dawkins, Peter Gabriel, and Cory Doctorow.

The installation leveraged the space to express the continuous volume of Wikipedia's activity, as users around the world created and contributed to articles. A series of 18 printers suspended over the entrance lobby printed a physical record of individual contributions, along with an excerpt summarizing the article edited. This highlighted the devoted community, along with sharing a piece of Wikipedia's collective knowledge.

Created by Dean McNamee and Tim Burrell-Saward.

123Klan | Showreel 2011

123KLAN REEL 2011 from 123 KLAN on Vimeo.

Montréal based 123Klan just does amazing graphics every time. Here is the latest showreel from 123Klan studio.

Mercedes Benz | 125 years of innovation!

125 years of Mercedes-Benz heritage is celebrated as hundreds of vehicles come to life and make a pilgrimage to greet the new family members.

Oyekunle Jegede | Weatherman 2

"Weatherman 2" LIQUID REEL from oyekunle jegede on Vimeo.

is a Liquid Technical Director living and working in US and this is his latest showreel - Weatherman 2.

February 6, 2011

BNS | Honda CR-V "Forecast"

Honda CR-V "Forecast" from Brand New School on Vimeo.

The artists and producers from international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS) are very proud to announce that their latest project work in conjunction with advertising agency RPA, a national broadcast/web spot for the 2011 Honda CR-V, will debut in selected regions across America throughout Fox's official broadcast coverage of Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

QUIOTO | Água Castelo

Água Castelo from QUIOTO on Vimeo.

Little bit old tvc from Quito agency, directed by Paulo Carboila with DOP Luis Branquinho.

Rapp | Le Rendez-Vous Des Bricoleurs

Leroy Merlin from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.

Rapp agency appointed Troublemakers production company from Paris to deliver this motion piece for Leroy Merlin, headed by AD Emeric Pouzenc. The director was Icecream (Nicolas Dufoure), producer - James Hagger and assistant producer - Melanie Aguilar Fauconnier.

Ghassan Naji | Rat's Nest

Rat's Nest from gnaji on Vimeo.

The slang term “rat's nest” is used to describe a particularly messy or disordered environment, referencing the habits of many species of rat... our minds are burdened with all the turmoils of life, with all the social and economic pressures and we have lost our ability to be creative ... Is there a creation out of a mind that has freed itself from the known?

"If the mind is extraordinarily clear without a shadow of conflict, then it is really in a state of creation; it needs no expression, no fulfillment, no publicity and such nonsense." -JK

Kiran Menon | VFX Reel Jan 2011

VFX Reel Jan 2011 from Kiran Menon on Vimeo.

Techniques shown: Camera Projection with Maya & Nuke 3D System, Greenscreen Keying, Matte Painting / Plate Cleanup, Rotoscoping / Image Warping, CG Integration, Tracking, Color Correction

Software used: Maya 2011, NukeX 6.1, Photoshop CS5, After Effects CS5, Mental Ray, Boujou, PFTrack, Sapphire & Furnace Core Plugins for Nuke

Addictive | Battle Of The Year 2010

BattleOfTheYear2010 // HD // Director's Audio Cut from Laurent PRATLONG // ADDICTIVE on Vimeo.

This amazing motion piece is directed by Laurent PRATLONG & Gilles LANGLOIS and
post-produced by Laurent PRATLONG.

InteractiveLab | Yota SPACE – Multitouch wall

Yota SPACE – Multitouch wall from InteractiveLab on Vimeo.

From "Yota Space" International festival of audio-visual art in St. Petersburg in December 2010. Unique navigation multitouch wall was constructed for this event by Interactive lab. This surface offers visitors info about participants and other installations at this event, schedule of education programs and experimental style of music performance sets.

Avantgarde | Audi TT Reveal

Audi TT Reveal from Robert Langnickel on Vimeo.

This was an event animation for Audi, revealing there new Audi TT to the world press.
The whole 3d animation was created by Robert Langnickel for the german event agency "Avantgarde". Compositing was done by my brother Sebastian Langnickel.


GAZPROM from Robert Langnickel on Vimeo.

360° Panorama CGI Movie // Part 02 / Panorama from Storz & Escherich on Vimeo.

Originally this was an 360° CGI movie produced by Storz&Escherich through Triad agency from Berlin for the GAZPROM exhibition "The Adventure of Energy" at the Europapark Rust. Robert Langnickel worked on that amazing 3D motion graphics animation. The first video is only a 25% crop of the complete 3D panorama movie where the Final resolution of entire animation was 5300 x 768 pixels.

Jeremie Bernheim | Move Around

MoveAround from Jeremie Bernheim on Vimeo.

Digital application for dancers and choreographers in the process of collecting movement materials for a future dance creation. Based on movement recognition, the application allows the user to record themselves, choose their background music and view his videos, all in the natural way of expressing - a body gesture.

February 3, 2011


PRIME BIG SERIES - SMALL SCREEN from steven huybrechts on Vimeo.

Nice short walk through the small screen series for Ludo Luykx PRIME, directed by Steven Huybrechts and produced by Sofie Gebruers. Camera moves are quite smooth and are connecting well to different scenes thanks to cameraman Geert Verstraete.

Linus Lundin Showreel

Linus Lundin - Showreel 2010 from Linus Lundin on Vimeo.

A collection of Linus Lundi’s latest work including some commercial and self initiated projects.

Future Deluxe | Black Ocean Id

Black Ocean Ident from FutureDeluxe on Vimeo.

Brighton, UK based media agency Future Deluxe released nice but short motion identity made for one of their client - Black Ocean.

Dead Space 2 | Your mum hates this...

Critics love it, but your mom will hate Dead Space 2. See real Mom's reactions and create your own for a chance to win a Dead Space 2 skinned PS3! Show your Mom select clips of Dead Space 2 from here: deadspace.ea.com and tweet her reactions with the hashtag #mymomhatesdeadspace2 to enter. Contest available in North America only. Developed by Draftfcb, San Francisco.

Silja | Warm Signal

Warm Signal from silja on Vimeo.

A short abstract movie dealing with nature and maritime creatures, metamorphosis and transformation – it connects art and science. Strong emphasis on sound, related to the idea of visual music. The Style is soft but clean, focusing on black & white.

Romain Jouandeau | IKA's Trailer

IKA's Trailer from Romain Jouandeau on Vimeo.

IKA animated movie directed by Romain Jouandeau with a main character as a young orphan left to himself, will face his fears and demons during an initiatory journey, for retrace his history forgotten.

Europcar: Crush Hour Campaign Case Study

Here is an experiential debate which is the small different… Ogilvy Paris set out to drive acquisition for Europcar’s Auto Liberte, the use which aims to have we renting cars instead of shopping them. So, they devised the “punked” character antic which towed gullible people’s cars away, replacing them with dejected brick cars, as well as the series to call for help… That phone number, only happened to be the air wave hire who were report live to everybody in Paris… Slightly different. Very cool.

February 2, 2011

Andrey Muratov | GTLK

GTLK from Andrey Muratov on Vimeo.

Concept: Components of the space. Between existence and "No!". Alive - аbsorbs.

Client: Gosudarstvennaya Transportnaya Lizingovaya Kompaniya | GTLK
Agency: Communication Group IMARS | imars.ru ©
Produced / Directed: Andrey Muratov | andreymuratov.com
D.O.P: Alexander Kuznetsov | 6fpro.ru
Sound Design: Nebulo | myspace.com/​nebulo

Kristian Ulrich Larsen | What is being creative?

What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.

A reflection on What it means to be creative.
Original music by Palmer Taylor.

Featuring the Flip phone.
Flip phone is based on a concept concieved during a 6 week long workshop done by Kristian Ulrich Larsen, Ewa Sendecka, Jeppe Vestergård and Victoria Kusk. It was then developed further for a semester by Kristian Ulrich Larsen as part of his MA program at Kolding school of design dskd.dk

February 1, 2011

Honda Jazz | This Unpredictable Life

Honda have created an interactive 60sec film as part of the campaign to launch their latest Jazz across Europe. The film, titled 'This Unpredictable Life', is set in an animated world and dramatizes the endless possibilities Honda's engineers thought about solving when designing the car.

Download the iPhone app to catch the characters as they escape from the screen.