January 20, 2011

BNS | Fuel TV On-Air Brand Rethink

FUEL TV On-Air Brand Rethink from Brand New School on Vimeo.

The artists and producers from international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS, www.BrandNewSchool.com) are very proud to announce the delivery of their latest work for FUEL TV (www.fuel.tv), the only cable and satellite television network that features the exciting world of adrenaline and thrill-seeking sports and the stories that surround them.

The relationship between BNS and FUEL TV began in 2003 before the network's launch, when BNS founder, executive creative director and director Jonathan Notaro and his colleagues collaborated with FUEL TV to design and produce the network's original broadcast identity package. Also tasked with delivering a set of network IDs, BNS suggested that the network introduce a "Free Form Film Festival," where every ID is unique instead of following channel-wide guidelines. This anti-brand approach BNS proposed involved using 10 IDs with tones ranging from comedic to contemplative to musical, and with techniques ranging from film to stop-motion to CG. BNS produced the very first FUEL TV IDs, and since then, the network has commissioned dozens of iterations in tandem with other design studios and artists, and FUEL TV's world-acclaimed IDs have earned countless awards.

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