October 1, 2010

Guang Yin Yoga Club | Wooden Box

This action is further proof that it is not necessary to have exorbitant budgets to have an effective campaign.

Over the past four years, Guangyin Yoga Club has had some difficulties to get new members for their yoga classes. To save the business would need about 300 new students, but how to do this with virtually no money?

A bright idea directed by Jacky Xiao: the guys decided to put the yoga master for your club in a small box in one of the busiest places in Shanghai. Every time a person spent the next such case, the master stretched out his arm and gave a small card promoting the site. The result was a series of scares and a much greater success than expected.

The campaign lasted 15 days, with about 35,000 people directly impacted more than 300,000 hits on web videos, more than $ 138,000 in spontaneous media. And after the campaign, about 2,000 people visited the site in about one month, thus gaining 622 new members (107% more than expected!). And the cost of real guys? Only $74.

Via: Ypsilon2

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