May 24, 2012

Future Deluxe Takes on Thom Yorke & Modeselektor

So incase you didn't know, Thom Yorke is a major modeselektor fan. He's pretty vocal about getting his public to listen to their stuff and finally he has joined forces with the neo electro untaggable band. Those lucky enough to attend Coachella got a preview of what this collab might sound like. UK Based agency Future Deluxe are the ones behind 'This'.

The Making of "That" Promo Future Deluxe have a pretty massive client reel as as far as digital creatives go, they know exactly where the gaps in the market lie and how to fill them. Check out their website here. They're based in Brighton so on a superficial note, not only are they intelligent and creative they are thuper thexy thurfer types with british accents. Get a google alert on happening on any positions going here because this a place you defs want to be. They worked with Thom Yorke, is there really a bigger selling point?

And I must apologise for the untimeliness of my blogging. I crashed my car... That's my excuse. Check back for daily updates!! I know I promise a lot of things, but I promise to keep this promise. Promise.

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