April 13, 2011

Leviathan | Marquee Nightclub

Matt Daly of Chicago's Leviathan and VSL's Bryant Place were the lead developers in creating the audio/video DJ FX app providing real-time control over the new Marquee media system and its generative, audio reactive computer graphics, just as they were for a similarly high-profile and mesmerizing project application in 2010 for Heineken, which was also produced by VSL for Corso Communications.

"Matt is a long-time colleague and collaborator of mine, and last year, when we wanted to create a real-time VJ tool to support a custom 360 visual performance system for Heineken's Inspire activations at live events, I got him involved," said Virkhaus. "For that project, Matt recommended TouchDesigner very strongly, and since then, we've all become completely obsessed with the software. The solution for Heineken incorporated multiple real-time HD video inputs, routed as a digital switcher with globally operable transfer modes. On top of it being the ultimate video router, we also incorporated the generative front end in real-time."

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