April 29, 2012


With Facebook recently acquiring Instagram for roughly $1 billion, this leaves two options for camera and photo sharing app companies. Either see Instagram's success as inspiration, or view the colossal buy-off as a symbol of market-domination.

I'm sure the guys at Visual Supply Co would say they have been left with nothing but illumination and motivation to create their very own app. Introducing 'VSCO Cam'. It showcases a similar style to Instagram, but also offers some noticeable differences upon viewing the introductory video above.

It's the simplistic design that catches your eye and how it utilises colour filters as opposed to Instagram's named filters. It also differs through the ability to implement 'precision filtering' including fade, fill and saturation.

Strategically speaking, releasing 'VSCO Cam' now is clever as we can only expect some changes to come within Instagram, changes that may not please all users who may look to go elsewhere.

You can buy 'VSCO Cam' for 99c at the app store.

1 comment:

  1. raaa! not gonna lie, this looks kinda rad!
    I wonder if you can play with the focus, like you can on instagram.
    Not sure about the instagram sharing, I reckon they should segregate the community and make users choose.