April 23, 2012

Takuya Hosogane makes a Point

This creation is from Japanese artist Takuya Hosogane. He's the featured artist on Pause Fest today. The young talent's work creates a dialogue between flash animation visuals and sound cues.

Vanishing Point in particular, triggers memories of watching Windows Media Player visualisations, except Hogosane's animations are much more iTunes in my opinion. He has a great way of really hitting those nuances in the music using image.

Read Lucy Down's profile on Takuya Hosogane 

As Down mentions, Hosogane lists video anime series FLCL and Noein among his inspirations. Thoughts? Can you see the parallels in his animation style? Or is has his process drawn him closer to resemble more post modern works?

I can see a definitive line between his work and David O'Reilly's. 

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