July 22, 2010

iPhone 4 Antenna Fix

I read so many stories about the Apple iPhone antenna "problem" and the solutions offered are still unsatisfying, some might think... On the picture above are the $29 rubber "Bumper Case" that Apple is now offering for free with every iPhone 4 purchase or the bandage sticker in 6 colours that you can get yourself if you really want to show off. You should listen to the "BE STILL" song from Big Boi's new album featuring the vocals from ever charming brilliance of Janelle Monae first, before jumping into any conclusion. And than...

The iPhone 4 antenna fix is going to fix itself when people start appreciating more innovation and not be so judgemental about it. Apple is the leader in innovation and perhaps the users might need to adapt to changes in the behavioral usage of their device.

I don't have the new iPhone 4 ( It's not out in Australia yet) but I can assure anybody that I can't imagine how I lived before without one. So, I'm suggesting that perhaps instead of making so much drama around this issue, we could appreciate that device like this exists and has all cool and new features that actually work well and are far better than its competitors.

Enjoy your new toy and have fun with it!

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