June 17, 2012

AutoDesk M&E: Meet the Expert

Why hello Buyologers, we meet again. What say you to another scheduled date, say Friday the 22nd of June? Come join me for Autodesk M&E Webinars- Meet the Expert Series.


Friday's webinar will feature Smoke 2013. ANZ Creative Finishing Specialist Rob O'Neill, will talk you through the in's and out's of Smoke 2012. By then end you'll be a whizz bang pro at getting a professional editorial finish out of Smoke for high quality commercials and broadcast projects. Wee!

So if Final Cut X just didn't do it for you, or you'd like to pack that CV a little more. You'd better register. Go on ~Gain Wisdom~

Smoke 2013 Reviews?
Sure! Find them here & here.

Youtube Videos?
No Sweat! Nyan Cat.

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