December 18, 2009

Stargate Studios Reel

Stargate Studios Reel from RAWworks on Vimeo.

Founded in 1989 by Sam Nicholson, a distinguished cinematographer and special visual effects supervisor and producer, Stargate Studios was conceived as a high tech production company offering visual effects and production services to the film and television industries.

Today, Stargate has studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver with over 150 artists, supervisors, and producers covering all areas of digital production and visual effects. Stargate Studios provides a turnkey solution to high concept film and television production and is the only independent entity which blends all the available production technologies into one fully integrated, high tech production and editorial service. (see Credit List).

In addition to film and HD production, matte painting, 3D, compositing, and editorial services, Stargate Studios offers our innovative Virtual Backlot™ utilizing VB Live (our real time compositing system) and our Virtual Backlot Library, which includes hundreds of photo-real, virtual locations covering 28 major cities from around the world (see Virtual Backlot).

To achieve the highest quality of work in an efficient and cost effective way, Stargate Studios is uniquely designed to provide online, real time networking to each artist in NTSC, HD, 2K or 4K. This allows shots to be worked on by multiple artists simultaneously and streamlines production, editorial and film output.

Stargate Studios also provides its proprietary online ShotTracker™ system to every project and client, enabling producers, directors, supervisors, and artists an easy-to-use visual tool to track and manage each shot - from pre-viz to final delivery - from any desktop, or laptop, anywhere in the world.

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