August 10, 2009

Porsche Speed by c4real

Porsche Speed from Daan Pol on Vimeo.

c4real made this film just to showcase their CG abilities. Cince Porsches!

In house production took 4 weeks, rendering on a 8 core MacPro took 4 months non stop. All frames rendered at a minimum of 1 frame an hour, some took 24 hours per frame (the door opening took that long because of the blurry reflections). Everything was rendered in 1920x817 in Cinema4D. No Radiosity was used, only some area lights and a nice environment based on an EMC room.

Part 2 of this film is currently in production and is going to look even better than this one :D !
Audio was created by Maarten from

For more work check out site:

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