August 20, 2009


AGENT ORANGE READY from christian schlaeffer on Vimeo.

The story revolves around an old vietnam veteran, who suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder, and finally has to face his memories which haunt him in the form of surreal mutations. but it's also about "agent orange", the defoliant used by the united states army, which accidently contained dioxin, which causes disfigured children even today, alomost 40 years after the war. the company that produced the dioxin-contaminated ingredients is still active today and famous for producing the world's best-selling herbicide, being one of the leaders in genetic engineering of food plants and for extremely ruthless behaviour.

the film won the first prize in the "mediencampus bayern e.V." competition 2008, munich, germany.
it was also screened at emergeandsee festival 2009, berlin, germany.

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