August 18, 2009

OPRÉ | Twenty120

OPRÉ / Twenty120 from Harder on Vimeo.

In the age of opulence,
I lay a choppy lake.
Poisonous mistakes will over take this current I make,
unless I steer clear,
my fate will overtake.
The Dueling fool of greed, wants more than it needs,
I beg for your lead.
Give me a sign,
show me you're mine.

Production Pix:


Written and Directed by Justin Harder
Executive Producer: Pierre Nobile
Director of Photography: Florian Stadler
Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero
Music: Classixx
Talent: Kelly Thiebaud, Keith Ruggerio (Top hat), Pierre Nobile (Driver)
Line Producers: Pierre Nobile, Mike Silva
Gaffer: Mike Silva
Wardrobe: Maud Cruvelier De Warren
Make Up artists: Kathleen James, Tanya Arce
Duel Choreography: Alex Kudo
Set Photography: Ariel Vardi, Tsugu Wada
Production Assistant: Rasi Delgado
3D Egg: Tim Salikov
Owl: James Rydesky
Design/Animation/Compositing/Color: Justin Harder
Editor: Justin Harder

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