December 18, 2009

Pirelli Re - Blooming Builds

Pirelli Re - Blooming Builds from abstract groove on Vimeo.

Abstract:groove directed and produced this corporate film for Pirelli Re (the real estate company of the Pirelli Group) behind the creative direction of Federico Pepe and Stefania Siani from DLV BBDO Milan.

The inspiration came from the concept of video projection onto architectural façades, but this time our challenge has been to recreate the same atmosphere mixing compositing, stop motion, time-lapse, and 2D animation techniques with the intent to create an even more obvious oneiric sub-reality sensation.

Working with NY based D.O.P. Luca Fantini, we decided to shoot the night sequences without the use of artificial lighting, using photo cameras to shoot long exposure frames (up to 40 seconds).

The film was shot in Milan, Rome and Berlin within 5 days.

Our objective, from a photographic point of view, was to capture the natural light from three different cities which are covered by three different skies.

Although, what we wanted to capture was a nocturnal light not visible to the human eye. For this reason we mainly worked with the shutter fairly closed e with longer exposures, something impossible to do with a video camera.

For us it was a way to interpret the oneiric elaboration which the human brain could have on a nocturnal panorama, to represent the memory of that natural light recomposed in our dreams.

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