September 10, 2009

Praça Onze

Praça Onze from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Short film made for the project "Imagem do Som do Samba" (Image of the Sound of Samba).

Praça Onze (Square 11) was the place where all the Samba Schools performed on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the begining of the XX Century. The lyric tells about the day the square was reformed, to give space to an big avenue, and the samba was silenced.

A free translation of an excerpt:

"They will end with Square Eleven
There will be no more school of samba
The whole hill is crying
Favela, Salgueiro
Mangueira, First Station,
Put down your tambourines
because the school of samba won't go out"

Captured with a camera rig containing 10 Sony FX1 and 1 High Speed Camera.

Backgrounds made with camera map on Electric Image.

"Praça Onze" (1942) Grande Otelo e Herivelto Martins
Clean Version by AD Studio

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