May 15, 2012


What's that? I can showcase my innovative work to an international crowd?,

Hundreds of people will view my work?

I could extend my creative network and make new contacts results in collaborations?


That's right, we are calling all creative to get on board, making this year's festival our biggest and brightest yet. So if you are treading new ground with it comes to animation, motion graphics, stop-motion, robotics or anything digitally creative we would love to here from you.

Not sure if what you do counts? Hit up the Pause info line at info(at)pausefest(dot)com(dot)au

And those asking "Where do I sign up?" You can view sample submissions here, then go on and post your through at submissions(at)pausefest(dot)com(dot)au

Done! Happy Brainstorming and Best of Luck! DB.

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