November 19, 2011

Pause Fest - Opening Titles

Breeder is a collaborative studio blending action, design, animation and installation. They have worked on diverse projects in the past including the “Pocket Hipster” smartphone app and “Rising”- a collaborative animation urging donations to Japans’ disaster stricken areas.

Breeder’s passion for storytelling and forward-thinking creative process has seen them deliver originality, diversity and creativity in every project they undertake. So we are understandably excited that the team at Breeder has created the Pause Fest opening titles in collaboration with the sweet sound-design of Radium Audio.

Visual: BREEDER, Australia

Director: Joyce Ho
Producer: Megan Griffiths
DOPs: Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
RED Operator: Peter Wright
Editing and Colour Grading: Joyce Ho, Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
Compositor: Chris Morris
Props and Set Design: Megan Griffiths and Joyce Ho
Scientific Consultant: Will Johnston
Special Thanks: Queensland University of Technology

Sound: Radium Audio
Creative Director: Andrew Diey - Radium Audio
Lead Sound Designer - Peter Malmqvist - Radium Audio
Sound Designer - Irad Lee - Studio Irad Lee
Musician - Ipman, Josephine LLoyd, Karin Höghielm, Johan Vavare.
Mastering - P-tronix, London

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