October 14, 2009

Introducing Ends/Wealth Corp. (Part One)

Introducing Ends/Wealth Corp. (Part One) from Ends/Wealth Corp. on Vimeo.

The Ends/Wealth Corp. is a life brand developed with the intent to inspire and provide service. In building our brand we decided that it is imperative that the consumer know what Ends/Wealth CORP. is an and what it represents. Growing up on the south side of Chicago you often here the word “ends”being used as slang for money or valued goods, more popularly in the phrase “to make” or “making ends meet”. They’ve adopted this word to represent the things in life that they are most passionate about or those things that support their livelihood. Wealth? Well wealth is just that, well-being, welfare, and abundance of valued resources. The forward slash represents a progression from doing what you love and are passionate about, to doing that very same thing to accumulate wealth of all types. They believe that this is true empowerment.

The Ends/Wealth Corp. choose to be empowered and use those things that empower us for our survival, encouraging all those who decide to avoid potentially fruitless lives to do the same. They are about preserving our culture, our passions, and those things important to us, as well as those things that help us keep our individuality; not just getting a weekly check. When we compromise ourselves we lose the desire and strength to embrace our individuality and appreciate the unique qualities of others. Compromising our integrity makes us sheep, to be led by our necessity for survival. They realize that there is more to life, Ends/Wealth is the beginning of empowerment bringing those possibilities to life.


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