October 1, 2009

HTML Color Codes Exhibition

The HTML Color Codes exhibition features a selection of internet based artwork that address the topic of digital color. The central question that the exhibition poses is whether or not artists working with the internet are in fact limited to a “ready-made” color palette, a premise that many artists working with film, photography, and mass produced, standardized paint sets have assumed. The rationale for this question stems from theories of perception that argue that color is a not ready-made object found in a paint set or machine, but rather it is an experience that results from a complex process of light interacting with the retina and human nervous system.

Curated by Carolyn Kane for Rhizome September, 2009

The Rainbow Website
by Noah Venezia (2006)

The Rainbow Website uses the entire browser window to code a continuous animation of the seven major spectral colors in the rainbow. The colors gently fade between the layers from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and back again on a loop. The color selections derive not only from the HTML codes needed for color visualization, but also the standard spectral colors in an iconic, seven-band rainbow. The number seven originates from Newton’s thesis that white light contained seven other primary colors. While engaging the color codes and standards for primary colors, The Rainbow Website also animates these codes to reveal the phenomenal nuances nested in between.

Launch Project at: http://www.afuckingrainbow.com

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